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Ocean Kayak Prowler Ultra 4.3 – First Pics

Please note, as mentioned below there are some changes from the drawing.

It is also possible that there may be some minor variations from these drawings to the final production kayak.

Features retained from Prowler Ultra 4.7

Icebox recess
Rod tube can be fitted, but area made larger to fit 5” hatch or gun bag
Solid handles, front rear and side
Skid plate (modified to reduce drag)

Changes from the Prowler Ultra 4.7

400 mm shorter
Stream lined side scan transducer scupper (reduce drag)
Hard chines rounded (reduce drag)
Water line increased at tail (increase speed and better tracking)
Transducer will accept hummingbird and lowrance transducer with out modification to transducer.
It is also big enough to fit most popular other brands

Rear tank well
3 scupper for better drainage
Hatch on front wall to access area under seat (primary for batteries to be store at centre of boat, access for running electronics)
Out board mounting point deepened so extra rod holders can be fitted
Moulded in Rod holders behind seat
Recess and saddle in front of rear tank well for holding anchor
Optional live bait tank will fit into this recess (idea stage only)

Same seat height as in 4.7
Clip in large foam seat pad, negative recess, Velcro and inserted bolt lock into place.
Optional 4inch hatch area in front of seat, (mainly access for fitting electronics), gulp container fits in 2nd recess
Please note, fixed seat back is still in development and testing stage. It is not shown on the drawing but will be on final boat.

Cockpit area
Increased deck angle for quicker drainage
Foot bumps removed and foot track to be used
Paddle holder has been modified to help ease of use. Not shown in drawing
Side rod holders angled out more for better rod position for stationary fishing
Dash board area will have 3 steps at different angle (not shown) will allow up to 13 rod holder configurations
Latest dash board configuration not shown in drawing, the flat area now extends across the foot wells to allow more area for mounting accessories.
Access hole to transducer nut made bigger
Foot track recessed lower 5mm, so foot track does not protrude
Foot track recess allows foot tracks to be moved 50mm forward or back), will accommodate anglers 5” to 7”
Please note foot well Scupper holes are not as shown in the drawing, they are back in the front end of the foot wells
Click seal front Hatch
Cut out in centre hatch for larger hummingbird sounders
More flare leading up to cockpit

Center well
Perfectly matched to new ultra center hatch
21% more volume
5inch hatch will fit on front or rear wall
Recess for larger sounders
Angle of bottom has been changed so that foam can be locked between it and the hull
Rear wall angle change to make rod tube fit easier,
Square recess has been modified to fit standard fuse switch panel for running sounders, vhf, lights, bait pump, etc ( standard size panel, available from all chandlery shops)

Over all
Locked recessed deck fitting recess, (so the rdf do not spin)
Flare on cockpit lip to deflect water
Recess for gps antenna
Rear areas for flag holder
projected weight of 27kg complete max

I imagine this will be enough to generate some interest and some questions

I would like to thank all the members of the kayaking community who provided feed back and fresh ideas to make this happen.

Regan Ashton
Johnson Outdoors Watercraft

And now for the pictures… ;)

Ocean Kayak Prowler Ultra 4.3

Ocean Kayak Prowler Ultra 4.3

Ocean Kayak Prowler Ultra 4.3

Ocean Kayak Prowler Ultra 4.3

Ocean Kayak Prowler Ultra 4.3

Ocean Kayak Prowler Ultra 4.3

Ocean Kayak Prowler Ultra 4.3

Ocean Kayak Prowler Ultra 4.3

Discuss the new Prowler Ultra 4.3 in the forum, we also have the kayak designer himself answering questions as they come in, take a look here >


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