New Prowler Ultra 4.3 from Ocean Kayak

Here’s the first new kayak for 2011 we’ve got to look forward to, I had a meeting with Ocean Kayak last week about their new 4.3m kayak they are launching later this year (target date June 1st). I’ve also been playing with the 3D models which I’ve had for a while and it looks like a very nice kayak, lots of bits carried over from the Prowler Ultra 4.7 as to be expected and quite a few new ones… Here’s a quick run down of the main points I noted at the meeting last week:

4.3m total length with around a 4.2m water length, the keel is now much squarer as per the Ultra rather than the old Prowler 13 & 4.5.

Center hatch, it has the same flippy lid as the Prowler Ultra.

Center well, this has been tweaked, removed the “wall” inside the well and scallops are in the well wall to accommodate the fishfinder being stowed with the cover on.

Seat has been completely redesigned – a new innovation – hard to describe but it’s like a modular seat system, consists of a seat pad and a separate seat back, needs to be seen really, and if that doesn’t work for you you can still use a standard Ocean Kayak or after-market seat.

Front hatch – NO more neoprene hatch cover to fit – the cover it a fit a click system, something from the SiK market I believe, looks very easy to fit and remove, Johnsons have tested it in the surf, people standing on it etc they are very confident it’s water tight.

Speed – Design and modelling has the speed to be pretty close to that of the Ultra – i.e. much faster that the old Prowler 13… but has to be tested on the water of course.

Weight – the target weight for this kayak is 25kg! This is what the design, modelling, and experience is telling them but boats are yet to be moulded but hey even if it was a couple of kilos more than that I and I’m sure others would be very happy :)

Battery storage – under the seat, a hatch in the rear well will give access to under the seat where the battery can be stored, up to an 18Ah battery can be fitted in this area.

Electronics control system – the small indentation in the center well has been increased slightly in size to accept a standard marine control panel, so you can have control of your electronics, sounder, lights, live bait pumps etc etc.

Rod holders – six rod holders as standard with plenty of flat areas for more.

Rear well – the rear well is the same as the Prowler Ultra so can use the same ice box.

Handles – the new standard hard Ocean Kayak handles.

Stability – hull re-design has given more stability again over that of the Ultra with no increase in width.

That pretty much covers all the points I wrote down last week, Johnsons Outdoors are going to monitor this thread and answer any questions so ask away :)

We should see some pictures soon too :y:

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