Not trying to shame! Just another concerned fisher

To discuss safety issues and their direct affects on kayaks and kayak fishing. Do it but do it safely!
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Thu Mar 19, 2020 7:16 pm

Out with a mate paddling a couple of km to get to spot x, wind was non existent but swell was 1m +.

Going on my own I would not have gone, but knowing the area and knowing swell was due to come down and wind to stay down and heading out with a mate with all the safety gear (eperb, life jacket, cell phone in dry bag, vhf, wife knowing where and how long we will be) we were confident we would be safe.

While navigating the bar, we noticed a guy heading out behind us, what stood out the most was the life jacket (didn't look in good shape, looked too small), Jean shorts and long sleeve t shirt, also didn't look to be any vhf/eperb and he was on his own.

We got out to spot x, and noticed the guy was about 50m from us. We drifted over the spot quicker than we expected, so paddled back past the guy to set up the drift again.

I thought he was out for a leisurely paddle but noticed he was anchored and had a line from his paddle into the water.

He said he had left his fishing rod at home by mistake, so had tied a rope to his paddle (that I'm pretty sure wasn't leashed) with a hook on the end and baited, and was also anchored to the sea floor.

I couldn't believe it. Apologies if you are the one we saw and are reading this, but a timely reminder how important safety is!

I could imagine just how bad it would be if he had got into trouble and we had decided to go to another spot that day (no one was out apart from about a dozen surfers and 2 boaties who steamed further out).

I can remember being so keen to get out for my first kayak fish that I just wanted to get the basics and go! But rained myself in to spend the money first on the safety gear so I would be able to keep enjoying yak fishing for years to come.

Sorry, long spiel but felt it needed to be told for any of those keen to get into it! Please make sure to get all the gear for safety, and dress appropriately!

I always wear a wettie (I know some hate them) but that's exactly what I want to be wearing if I end up in the drink and have to be there for an hour or two before I get pulled out.


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Ben knight
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Sun May 31, 2020 8:16 pm

I here yah bro, just brought my first kayak and have been looking into my safety options, I have a decent pfd, my paddle is leashed and my phone is in a dry bag, I havnt yet got a vhf or any decent clothing tho..not really sure what clothing to buy if anyone has any suggestions that would be great (low budget)..I've been out once and stayed in close for the above reasons

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