Super Simple Sounder Install

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Mon Aug 19, 2019 2:53 pm

The transducer install was easy enough as this model of yak has a scupper hole which is all ready to go with one of these scupper kits -$600$

Then I just had to figure out how to mount the display - I managed to get it set up pretty good using only a rod holder, some elastic and a plastic stick.


It's quick and easy to assemble / take out and allows for a clean, tidy setup.

The elastic cord has been threaded through hole in the back of the fish finder, and a knot tied in it to make a loop.

To install - simply get your power and transducer cables in place, then position the sounder display with the elastic loop threaded out the back of the rod holder. Stretch out the elastic and insert the plastic stick which holds it all in place.

Plug in the cables and you're good to go! Next step is to make a cover for the display, which I'm thinking of using an old milk bottle or something. Just to keep the water off it.


Power and transducer cables seem to be fine just running straight in to the storage hatch, where the battery is housed. Haven't had any issues so far, and it means I didn't need to drill any holes in the plastic.

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