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Wed Feb 27, 2019 6:13 pm

The last few times I've been out ( in the Kayak ) I have had quiet patches when I have chucked a simple little hand line over the side. No highly spec'd reel, performance rod , and above all no big expectations !
On some occasions I've used fresh mussels , squid, not so much pillies because it is hard to keep it on a small hook, prawns, anything really. I like to use decent size line , say 30lb or more, and then a light trace , but not too long, only about a metre. The 30lb line may sound like an ego trip but you are hand coiling the line into your lap on the retrieve and thicker line tangles less, and runs out better.
On several trips I have caught small KY, so instantly you have fresh bait for your main lines, even livies. I don't fish live baits, but its an option, all the same.
On one session I caught 2 or 3 large Jack Mackerel, they were getting bigger each time, up to 40cm, so I kept them & when my bin was looking good at a dozen or so I stopped .
Knowing how Europeans love their mackerel I prepped them up for the smoker and offered up "smoked Jack Mack" to my Brit visitors, ...They loved it.
On the cautionary side , I don't loop the line round my finger ,and actually prefer to wear a glove, because even on a little no3 /0 hook a passing Kingi could strip the flesh off your index finger, and that wouldn't look so good in the smoker, eh?

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