Army Bay 9/12 & Tutukaka 9/12 & 10/12

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Mon Dec 11, 2017 9:29 am

Army Bay 9/12 am
Blair, his flatmate Andrew and I drove to Army Bay in the earlyish hours of Saturday morning. Good to note that it is getting light very early. It was fully light by the time we were fishing. It was also the morning after my work Xmas party so I was feeling pretty dusty, although mostly tired as had managed to sink a few pints of water before going to bed.

Army Bay was rougher than forecast but still managed to get out. Threw out my softbait and started trolling while on the way to the fishing spot and within about 2 mins the rod had bent over and it was peeling a little bit of line because the drag was pretty loose. Thinking a kahawai given the surface take, my thoughts quickly turned to a snapper as it didn't stay on the surface. I was right, and happy to get a 38cm snap in the bin pretty quickly.

Also used my orange and yellow inchiku jig to good effect. The swell and chop seemed to make it work a little better and it was getting a lot of attention. Put a couple more in the bin in the mid to late 30's.

Andrew managed to get one and Blair did the same as me while trolling but his was 48cm.

We called it a day pretty early as the weather wasn't great and Andrew and I were heading north to Tutukaka for a weekend slaying the snaps up there.

Tutukaka 9/12 & 10/12
What is the definition of being skunked? Is it not catching a fish at all (me on Sunday morning, Andrew on Saturday evening)? Or is it not catching a fish that you can take home (me on Saturday evening 1 x ~25cm, Andrew on Sunday morning 1 x ~20cm)? Regardless, the fishing was terrible.

Was quite strange. There was just no action at all. Zero bites. Slow jig and soft bait. Changed both a couple of times too. Not even any kahawai splashes or swirls. Nada. Tried the harbour. Tried hard up against the rocks. Tried the wash. Tried the sand. Tried. For nothing.

We launched at Wellingtons Bay / Whangaumu Bay. Awesome little launching spot. And the area looks fishy as. Wasn't meant to be though. Weather was also a lot worse than forecast. Good to chat to a couple of others too, but it sounded like they weren't doing so well either - hopefully more luck than me.



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