Sharks,Kingfish and big snapper

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Mon Feb 09, 2015 9:32 pm

31st Jan and 1st of feb was the first event of the Orton Events New Zealand kayak fishing series held in Coromandel and
The first comp the Fishing Addicts Anonymous team this year.
What a comp this turned out to be! first off we were told that TVNZ were going to be filming on the first day for the Seven sharp program. If you wanted a claim to fame this would be your chance. The alarm was set for 3:30am to get up nice and early and be on the water before sun up, 3:50 we were set and on the road heading for goat bay with a plan to head out wide to the 60m mark and jig for some kings at the drop off. we arrived and the bay still pitch dark got the kayaks rigged and we were off, paddled out to the mark and no sign of any Kingfish....bummer!! well we were out there and having paddled for half an hour deccided to drop some betabugs and try for some snapper but with no luck, at this stage the team had driffted apart with Brad and Andrew heading one way and Lee and I heading the other. Lee and I made the decision the paddle in and try our luck in close, by this stage the sun was up and there were alot of kayaks around ( waiting for the camera boat to turn up) we got onto some fish,nothing big but some nice pannies.
A few hours past with only a couple of fish in the chill pod then i spotted Brad, now this is where the story gets good!!. I padddled over to him to have a chat and see if he had any luck , i got within 2m of his kayak when i asked "how you getting on bro" then he Replyed "ive got nothing" at this stage his rod bent over and he was hooked up. Yeah boy!!
But all this was was a small snapper, the fish was a couple of meters under the yak then spat the hook, then all of a sudden a huge kingfish came swooping in and took the softbait. Now as i mentioned earlier Brad was only 2m from me.... then he was off at a fast pace and left me standing still, now this ride was to go on for another 10 or so minutes with me watching him getting dragged all over the place. Then he just stopped, he was now incharge of the fish and was slowly bringing it in, so what better time to paddle over and get some pics. Within 10m of him there was a huge splash and a big tail came out of the water now this was no kingfish but a huge bronzy, this first spalsh was the shark disabling the kingy by taking it's tail before coming back for the rest of it. At this stage Brad was trying so hard to get the fish in before it got the rest, then another big splash and a better veiw of the shark.. this thing was pretty big and the Kingy had no chance. Brad got the Fish to the side of his kayak ( well what was left of it) the shark had taken most of it and left him only the head. By this stage word had got around about the Kingfish and the shark and soon Brad was to be interviewed on the water about ordeal.
This was to be the best action the team was going to see on day one.
Day two would prove to be the best day for the team with alot more fish caught, we decided to change our fishing spot and try our luck at Sandy bay. The night before I was given some dead piper from some rock Fisherman staying at Papa aroha and told I Lee we had some bait to try, now we all know Kingfish love piper but dead piper? what on earth are we going to do with dead piper?.
we launched at sandy and Lee and I went in search of some live baits, paddling out through the bay we came across some big schools of bait fish so in went the sabiki and up poped some baby Kahawai and yellowfin. I managed to get one Yellowfin into the pod behind my seat before the rest of the fish decided to jump off the hooks and out of the kayak.
with the bait fish schools gone and only one livebait on board we headed out to Lion rock, on the paddle out I decided to stop and rig up the yellowfin and tow it out there, it was on the hook for less than 3 minutes before it was swooped on, the reel started to peel out line so i grabed it from behind me clicked it in gear then another bug run then the line snapped!!! Arhh. we arrived at Lion rock and Lee thougt he would try his luck with a new rig, grabbing a livebait hook from me he rigged up the piper like a live bait, but ofcourse it was dead so he put a jighead through its mouth to weight it down and started trolling with it.
Now it wasn't long untill this piper was taken, Yeah boy he was on, but this fish was not to be either after having a few good runs then taking him to the reef and busting off. The rest of the day was pretty slow, with the team still managing some nice pannies .
most of the time out at Lion rock the Kahawai were bubbling all around us but proved had to catch, i didn't matter what we threw at them that didnt want our offerings, Now Andrew was throwing softbaits at them but proving he was better and catching birds, five in total. then he managed to hook one!! Mean while i was trying my luck with a bibbed lure and finally managed to hook one as well .With a bit of persistence and hard work it we had some Kahawai to weigh in.
By this stage it was getting late in the day and we needed to be off he water to make it back in time for weigh in, with Andrew and Brad already off the water and heading back to camp Lee and i thought it was a good time to head back, but Lee kept saying just a bit longer. now we were really cutting it fine we had and hour and a half to get back to coromadel from sandy so i started paddling in then all of a sudden I heard all this yelling and and cheering. It was Lee all of that "just abit longer" had paid off he had a really nice snapper to weigh in. By now we really needed to go, so the kayaks were loaded and all the gear thrown into the cars and we were off, we planed to meet and Papa Aroha then head as a team to Coromandel.
I arrived at the camp where Brad and Andrew were waiting, after 10 mins still no Lee, where could he be? then Brads Phone starts to ring it was Lee he had missed the turn off and he was in kennedy bay. Oh well I guess where meeting him in Coro now.
We get to weigh in with time to spare and weigh in our fish. Lee's snapper weighed in at 13lb and got him 3rd place while Brad won the hard luck award for his Shark vs Kingfish. This was a great comp and alot of fun had by all. next onthe list for the Orton Events is Tarankaki if you havn't fished this comp get in and register this is an awesome one. so stay tuned for our next report.

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Mon Feb 09, 2015 10:06 pm

Cool report Arnie :y: well done on yr third snapper Lee :clap:

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Mon Feb 09, 2015 10:33 pm

Good read and well done

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