Hello from Golden Bay

Introduce yourself and may be find a fishing buddy or two...
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Golden Bay yaker.
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I guess I am a Newbie as this is my first post but I have been a member since 2013 and have gained lots from reading others posts. I have been Kayak fishing for about 8 years but mainly here in Golden Bay. My wife and I generally do a trip up into the Nth Island every year but don't take the Kayaks (ferry costs, towing a trailer etc) we usually head up around September and this year we are going to check out the Hokianga and further North as time allows (3 weeks total) I was wondering if there are any Nth Island fisho's keen for a catch up and maybe a swap visit/mission. We have spare accomodation here in the Bay and the best months for fishing are Jan,Feb,March.
We have 2 Viking profish Kayaks all set up (no electronics) and a trailer set up for them. I mostly soft bait and am a food fisherman not a trophy hunter. So there we have it. I thought I would put it out there and see what comes of it. Cheers Brian
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Hello from mot! Good to hear from someone ova the hill. I imagine someone will be keen to take up your offer. Especially with the KINGI sight fishing on the flats being so popular.....! Not to mention a spat farm two mussel farms seperation pt and some epic trout fishing! :y: :y:
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