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Tue Mar 26, 2019 7:30 am


Saturday: A quick TR from the weekend. Me and 2 other mates have been up to Matauri Bay a few times now and always have some pretty poor luck with weather. Well, we finally picked a perfect weekend and Saturday morning saw the three of us paddling out from Matauri Bay camp ground to the islands.
Stop 1 was a reef about 5 kms out to try our hand at a Kingi or two.
We were distracted along the way with some Kahawai bubbling on the surface so stopped for a quick fish to break up the journey. Awesome fun with some monster KY and a few cheeky snappers hanging out as well.

Got to the reef and started the jigs going, Andrew got hooked up within minutes. I paddled over to film it (it didn't work...water spots) and it was clear he had a pretty chunky fish on. Moments later his line went from up and down to horizontal as he watched his line peel off into the distance. This was quickly followed by a pretty reasonable shark breaching the surface 50m ahead. He pulled in the remainder of his Kingi (which still went 30lb) and we sat quietly waiting for the hovering shark to bugger off. It was just swimming around a few meters underwater so hard to say what it was but probably 2.5m or so. I figured with Andrew in the smaller Espri with half a bloody kingi on his lap that i was probably in the clear here so i was happy to sit back and try and get a good view of it.
Andrew Fish.jpg
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We kept jigging and an hour or so later I pulled up a King which went just over legal, a first for me but looked like a baby compared to the previous fish. Released him and decided to slowly head back past a school of Skippies that came past us.

A good snapper fish in the wash on the way home topped the day off. The channel near the first island was so clear in 7m that you could actually lean over and watch snapper and other fish as they went about their day.

Sunday: A quick snapper fish before heading home saw a good bin full with the biggest going 8lb.

Such a great place.

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Tue Mar 26, 2019 8:19 am

Geeze mate that would have been a bloody big king for sure....bugger!!! I believe there are some massive sharks in that area. Matauri Bay......super cool spot. Love going there for a fish.

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Wed Mar 27, 2019 7:44 am

That was a donkey king!

Northland is special.

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