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27 & 28/12

I came away to Whangamata with the family and a plan to fish for anything other than snapper, as I’ve always found it difficult this time of year down these ways. There’s always a ton of activity on the water which may have something to do with it. But of course, in true New Zealand fashion, it was a stormy old time with heaps of rain and wind.

When the wind had slowed down and the tides had had a chance to flush out most of the storm water, I decided to go against my plan and shoot out for a fish with the softbaits. Because you know, snapper fishing after a storm is definitely a thing.

5am beach launch down the south end was easy as with sweet FA swell to deal with. I popped a lure out while paddling and picked up a few small kahawai, which all went back. When I made it down to the rocks there was a bunch of bait fish jumping and fleeing so I threw a lure at them and picked up a better kahawai for the smoker.

I proceeded to throw softbaits around the rocks and wash for an hour or so which turned out to be some seriously low-octane fishing. Not so much as a nibble. I moved on to another spot I have had success at and drifted it for a while with the same results. Feeling somewhat uninspired I decided to head back in for a coffee and some hang time with the family.

On my way back I noticed a small waterfall coming down the cliff face, emptying right into a spot where the waves were breaking and washing about. I have seen this waterfall a bunch of times but never thought much of it. I figured after the storm it would be dumping bugs and worms and other bits of food into the sea and stirring it about in the wash. A bit like a natural berley trail. I figured a few casts couldn’t hurt so popped a few in and around the area. About the 3rd or 4th cast, something picked it up and just took off. I was absolutely unprepared given the quiet fishing that morning so it caught me totally off guard. My drag setting was way too low and I dialled it up but the fish just kept going straight into the rocks and weed, inevitably busting me off in just 3.5 metres of water. All over in about 10 seconds. Gutted! I then proceeded to curse myself and the situation, tied on a new leader and lure and tried again in the surrounding areas for 20 or so minutes. Nothing! I told the family I’d be back so I left the scene with that feeling of defeat I’m sure we all know.

After telling the tale of the one that got away, I remained undecided about whether or not I should try something else, or go back the next morning. My sister in law who is also a keen fisher understood the predicament and told me simply - “you gotta go back”.

Next morning, 5:30 launch. Same deal - trolled a lure and picked up some kahawai. I didn’t turn my sounder on until I was a fair way out but when I did it lit up with fish so I dropped over a slider and had a wee drift. They say you should never leave fish to find fish, but it kept nagging at me. I was on a mission and this messing around was only distracting me from the task at hand. I had a score to settle and besides, nothing was interested in the slider so continued on the the spot. I’ll check this mark out again another time.

About 50 metres out from the scene, I stopped and checked over everything. Made sure there were no rattles, turned off the sounder and of course, checked the drag setting. I approached the wash slowly and was quiet as possible until I was within casting range. Resting the paddle on my lap, I made a cast into the exact spot i hooked up the day before. A slow retrieve, a little jiggle. Another slow retrieve and BAM! Fish on! Again, it took off but this time I managed to keep it from taking too much line, and keep it up from the weed and rocks. It started pulling me closer to the wash but turned and changed direction a few times. A good tussle ensued for what seemed like about a minute, but who knows really and finally the fish was splashing on the surface. I managed to net it pretty easily and brought it on board, with my knees up and the net placed between them with the fish hanging down. It was then I noticed I had been pushed way too close to the rocks and had to get outta there before the next surge came in. I’m not sure exactly how it happened but as I began to make a move the net slipped, the fish kicked and flipped straight back out into the drink. <img src="./images/smilies/emoticon-0183-swear.gif" alt=":swear:" title="Swear">! I grabbed the rod but the reel was jammed - tip wrap! With the waves approaching, I put the rod back into the holder and paddled like hell for deeper water figuring if I keep the pressure on the fish and have it planing sideways across the surface so it can’t swim down, I might still have a shot. I gunned it out until I was clear, reached back and hand lined the fish back into the kayak. To make doubly sure, I put it back in the net again and TRIPLY sure, gave it the iki. Success! With such a dramatic unfolding, I couldn’t believe my luck and was now in proud possession of a 47cm snapper pulled out from the wash.

I took a minute to take a breath and compose myself, then continued along the cliff face and within 5 minutes found myself in another scrap with a hard fighting snapper. This one was boated with considerably less drama and came in at 44cm.

A few more casts around the area, but no takers. Figured I’d head back in for coffee and tales of redemption. Perhaps not the one that got away, but man, these fish fought hard in the shallow water. I definitely learned a thing or two over these trips. Back home by 7:30.

Hope everyone’s holidays are going good and you’re catching fish.
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Love the detail mate! I had a similar length tail (see what I did there lol) of my Kingi but for some reason everytime I get into a few paragraphs the text changes colour same as the background so is invisible!

Great redemption mate!

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Thanks! And well done on the kingfish. Im jonesing to catch one from the yak and have been live baiting the last couple of mornings.

That’s weird about the text colour? I wrote my report on the notes app in my phone and copy/pasted it. Could try something like that?
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Noice one. Or two.
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