Sullivans Bay 19/10/18 & Sullivans Bay 23/10/18 PB!

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Thu Oct 25, 2018 9:29 am

Had a quick fish up in Sullivans Bay with my mate Andrew on the Friday night. Traffic was a bit average because of the long weekend even though we had left at about 3.30pm. But as soon as we hit that turn off it all gets very exciting.
Conditions we pretty good but slightly wind against tide. Got bites on every 3rd or 4th cast and they were mainly small nibbles. But enough to keep it interesting. I struggled. 'Hooked up' maybe 10 times for it to fall off within a second or two. Maybe they had only grabbed it by the tail or something, or they were too small. Who knows.
I finally managed to get 2 snapper in the bin at 32cm and 35cm, while Andrew managed 6 snapper ranging from 35cm to a really solid ~50cm. Good feed anyway and I'm glad I was able to get a couple off him to take to Waiheke for the weekend. Cheers for that bro.

A very last minute plan to hit Sully's again while the weather was still good. Same time, left Auckland at 3.30pm and got there quick smart this time beating the afternoon rush.
Conditions were better than the other night, although again was wind against tide. Almost to the point we were staying still. First few hours were very quiet and we quickly split up to see if we could find some bites let alone some fish to boat. The closer it got to dusk the more active the fish became and once the tide changed to outgoing it seemed to start firing. I had done a very long drift and picked up 3 fish, 2 fish that were 30cm (wouldn't normally keep this but I was desperate at that stage -I've got a 32cm mark on my Viking GT chopping board which I use as a measure) and 32cm, and picked up a 43cm snap while dragging a soft bait. For the number of times that it got a good bite while dragging it didn't hook up nearly as much as I thought it would or might have liked. All the while Andrew and I had been chatting on the radio letting each other know when another fish went in the bin. I had 3 and Andrew had 4.
Anyway, with it practically dark I started paddling back approx 500m to Andrew. As soon as I got there he said the fishing was starting to go off and proceeded to get one on his dragged softbait. Another keeper took him to 5. Naturally he wanted a few more casts in the area so I decided to put in a couple more casts too. I pulled the mangled 5" Gulp Nuclear Chicken Jerk Shad back onto the hook properly (it was on it's last legs but I couldn't be bothered changing it at the end of the night). One large cast out the front and as soon as it was near the bottom I hooked into a good fish, better than all the others I had this day. Figured it had a bit of weight on the end of the rod so would probably go in the 8-12 pound range, without every really knowing at that point. Well it then took me on a sleigh ride for the next 5-10 minutes, peeling off line, and after not being able to get it off the bottom for all of that time (and that's when I figured it must have been a really good fish - thankfully it was all flat bottom with no foul), he finally started to come up and when I first saw the shape come up I let out a few expletives. I yelled out to Andrew it was massive and it might go 20lb. Pulled him into the kayak and measured him against the width of the yak. Seemed wider than my kayak and figured it was 75cm - 80cm long. I was obviously done for the night after that and we started the paddle back home.
Once back on land I grabbed the digital scales I have (for the very moment I get my first 20lb'er - I'm 33 and have been trying for about 25 years). It clocked in at 79cm and 19lb 14oz. That's a small 2oz sinker off 20lb. Not to be. But a hell of a fish and beats my old PB of 16lb. So I'm absolutely stoked.


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Thu Oct 25, 2018 11:46 am

Nice fish :y: :y: :y:
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Sat Oct 27, 2018 8:09 am

Sullivans Bay is a struggle during daylight hours at present, I agree. We'll done for pushing into the night, it would have been a very exciting slay ride in the dark
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Sat Oct 27, 2018 12:44 pm

Well done. Not 20 pounds - but still a great fish!

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Sat Oct 27, 2018 6:18 pm

Oh well, guess you'll just have to get back out and find that 20lber :D

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