04/09/16 Matheson Bay PB

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Mon Sep 05, 2016 5:53 pm

Long-time reader, first time TR writer. Long-time boater, short time kayaker.

With my old man’s Father’s day lunch cancelled for Sunday I was able to join my mate Blair for a paddle on Sunday morning. Plan was hatched to go to Matheson Bay, and with the cars pre-packed and pre-kayak loaded on Saturday night, up we got at 4.45am to endure the short drive north after a quick stop at Macca’s for brekky and the gas station for some back up pillies. Had just bought a new Shimano Symetre 2500 on a sale last week so was keen to test that out because my basic 4 year old SB reel had pretty much given up.

I found out the night before that I had forgotten my drogue so I borrowed one of those green recyclable shopping bags and some rope from Blair to see if I could find my inner MacGyver. Turns out the bag floated and after adding some weight (a jig head) to open one side of the bag up it was quite funnel-like and worked as good as I could have hoped for. Crisis averted.

Some pretty reasonable weather was awaiting us – no swell and a little surface chop from the 10 knot northerlies. We had a pretty quick paddle to the fishing zone and when I hooked a kahawai while trolling my zman new penny softie I thought things were going to be good. I lost the kahawai literally right next to my lap as I went to lift it in. I thought the knot must have broken but it turns out the lefties loop was still intact and that the eye on the jig head mustn’t have been closed properly. Useless bloody thing.

Set up for my first drift and caught a 20cm scorpion fish but was getting a nibble on most casts. Hooked into something reasonable and after a brief fight up popped a nice 6lb fish. Stoked! Great first keeper for the day and a great way to christen the new reel. Another few casts and I had a 44cm fish in the bag too.

Blair paddled over to me and asked me how I was getting on. Transferred my fish to his chilly bag as I was borrowing a pretty basic Viking Espri. He hadn’t had any bites so after telling him there was some action around me he cast his zman out and hooked into what was initially a dead weight which didn’t start pulling until half way up. A minute or two later and he was lifting an 11lb’er into his yak. Cheeky, stealing what was surely about to be my fish!

A 100m away from us we hear a big ‘yahoo’ and when I spoke to the paddler – Buck – when I was paddling back to the start of the drift he had landed a 17lb’er. I could see the tail coming out of his chill pod. Nice work Buck. And nice to meet you.

Went a little dead at high tide so Blair buggered off to Leigh reef to see if he could find a king. I had some morning tea and then started again. Not long after Blair had gone all hell broke loose. My nuke chicken zman got smashed and at the same time my bait runner with the pillie started peeling off line too. I didn’t know what to do. Figuring I had a really good fish on my SB rod which I was holding I thought I would concentrate on that. I couldn’t stop the fish. It went on some massive runs to the bottom and I kept tightening my drag a little bit at a time but it had too much power and I didn’t want my line to snap. It stopped when it got to the bottom and was just hanging out in the weeds. I knew it was a big snapper and I figured by now it was well enough hooked so I made the call to put my SB rod deep in the central scupper well because it was the only ‘rod holder’ in front of me. I turned around and took care of my straylined pillie which by this stage surprisingly had nothing on it. So I wound it in and put it away and also pulled in my make shift drogue. I picked up my SB rod again and started winding. I slowly drifted over the top of the fish and on every wind I could feel the line grinding away against the weeds. I started gaining some line but figured my line would be cut through soon but sure enough I was gaining line and after a little while there was no more grinding on my line, just a heavy fish, and I started to think I’d actually land it. A minute later and I could see some colour and I had 15lb snapper floating next to me. It was hooked well enough in the corner of the mouth and with no net I pulled it by the jig head onto my lap. So much relief. New yak PB - 74cm and 15.1lb.

Caught another 34cm snapper not long after on a whole pillie and then I went to check out a bunch of gannets on the surface. From the moment we started fishing there were lots of gannets diving everywhere, basically non-stop. Great to see them dive so close. Four or 5 times I had to wind my pillie back in hurriedly after I cast it out because the gannets had seen it and gone for it.

I met Blair on his paddle back from Leigh reef and said I had a couple more fish for his chilly bag. Pretty stoked to hand over the 15lb’er to his surprise.

A drift or two later and we called it a day so a short paddle back before weighing the 2 big fish with the scales that were in the car.

A great morning and plenty of fish to feed my flat and Blair’s flat.
A nice few.
Stoked with the big catch!
34cm to 74cm.
Chiller bag full.
Gannets just chilling.
Gannet close up.
View from Blair's yak.

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Mon Sep 05, 2016 7:17 pm

What a freckin awesome TR bud! For your first TR you have the bottle placement just right!! lols. Nice job bro, and a nice fat PB :rock: :rock:

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Mon Sep 05, 2016 7:25 pm

Great TR.... Excellent day out for sure !

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Mon Sep 05, 2016 9:44 pm

nice TR Mat. great fishing and great taste in whisky

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Tue Sep 06, 2016 10:41 am

Brilliant TR - and a nice drop to accompany your Schnapps :lol:
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Tue Sep 06, 2016 2:37 pm

Well done, nice fish. Sounds like you were into some spring work ups already with the gannets......

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Mon Sep 19, 2016 12:06 pm

Well done guys, it was great to meet you out there, and it certainly was a good day.

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Mon Sep 19, 2016 6:17 pm

Cracker result right there well done :y: :y:

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