Cold Eastside 5/6

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Cold morning out east launched at first light and after paddling around to the firth it was plain to see the forecast was a bit wrong, tried a few spots and nothing of note so drifted up past the post and let the wind take me, it was cold and the se blowing the tops of the chop meant for a wet ride as well. Ended up being blown past some other kayakers one of which went for a swim (good to see the group stayed together and all helped him) then the 24t went got smashed and an exciting battle ensued the kayak doing donuts the second rod getting tangled up then the sea anchor, all the while getting hit side on by the chop and wind but managed to land the fish, 14.5lb snapper.
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good stuff cobba
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nice fish jeff
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great result. well done
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Good fish there Jeff
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Nice work Jeff!
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Hey Jeff. Nice fish!!

I was there Sunday. Turned up a bit late I think. Didn't get so much as a bite but to be fair I didn't venture out as far as you guys. I saw a bunch of you there. I'm still very new at this softbait stuff and yet to even catch anything more than a cold. What's the best (or for that matter worst) wind direction for that area?
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Only just got the feeling back in my feet, Geezsus it was cold alright...
Nice work Jeff :y:
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Awesome snapper! Its about as big as the smile. :rock:
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Good going Jeff. :y:
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Nice one.

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Nice Jeff :y:
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