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Hi Guys
I have a 750g grapnel anchor, but I have lost the locking ring for it. So I find often that the anchor does not grip (and I end up drifting along), and when I pull it up, some of the forks have folded back in.
I am in Wellington and I fish mainly in Makara, were there are mean currents.
I was thinking that since I am going to replace it, should I get a 750 or 1500g anchor. What do you guys use out there?

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Hi mate, I've only used my 1500gm twice but both times was easy to use and held firm. Although thanks to the cable tie trick I had to paddle back over it and break the tie to unstick it the last time lol 750gm just doesn't feel heavy enough even though the chain should hold it firm. If your grapples are breaking on the 750gm ypu have I think you have your answer! [emoji41]

Slugyak out

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I have only used an anchor off a yak a couple of times , however I have 4m or more of chain. 750g grapnel was more than enough .
Nothing like in a strong current though.

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If you're anchoring on sand, have a look at the Cooper anchors. Well worth the money.
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I don't anchor much.

But Makara deserves a 1.5kg, as you said the current there can really move.

1.5kg will cover my currents around here
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Out there I would go with 1.5kg anchor + chain. Sorry about your arms :rofl:
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