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Wed Nov 22, 2017 10:42 pm

So there comes a time in a mans life when he needs to consider his position in the world. This is an awkward time ,and it's repetative to some extent. Let me explain ; When you turn 18, you become a legal adult , and therefore responsible for your own actions . ( OOPS!), so in my experience the best way to ease the burden is to buy a fishing rod ! As life progresses , and you have a family , so with the arrival of each new family member , you buy a fishing rod . This process continues throughout your life ,and some of your family get into fishing , some don't give a shit, some , like your wife , tolerate it but never understand it, and its magical effect, but then once in a while you are rewarded for your efforts !

I turned 65 just last week, and it was one of those awkward times when you want to acknowledge a milestone but you don't want to say , I 'm an old fart, you don't want to RETIRE, The most reviled term in the dictionary by my standards, so what do you do ? Buy a fishing rod ! Shimano corvalus, left hand reel on a Stephen Tapp designed TICA 5.6" two piece kayak rod , nice . Affordable, and purpose built I strutted up to the sales desk, where my son in law brushed me aside and stated " this is on me, happy birthday '. and completed the purchase!

This wonderful experience led me to assessing my arsenal of fishing gear and I collected up every rod ,reel and other fishing related stuff I own ,and going over it all, replacing bits , doing maintenance , and thanking my lucky stars that I wasn't a car nut , or a motorbike freak , because I totalled 14 rod & reel combos , and a huge assortment of longlines , spinners and lures . No nets ,I noticed , and this may be an indication of my fishing philosophy . Anyway , I'm always up for a good yarn, whats in your shed ? Eh?

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Fri Nov 24, 2017 7:57 pm


I got a way's to go before I catch up with you, unless you count the rods/reels that I've bought for my family, then we would be about even.

Age wise, I'm just a Spring chicken in comparison ( 52 )

I had thought I married smart, with my Wee Wifey liking to fish/hunt also, but I feel guilty when I get out, without her along... a conscience can be a terrible thing, you know?
I'm not certain that kayak fishing will be her thing. She has bought a Viking Espri, using it for just paddling so far. I don't know if she'd still be having fun fishing, if the was much chop.

Your Son in Law sounds like a good guy.

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Sun Dec 03, 2017 7:56 am

Its Sunday morning, having a coffee and catching up with the kayak news, forum.
It allways pays to have more toys than you need. Like yourself you seem to come across the odd hand me down rod n reel. Many kids reels which have been adapted with braid and are handy for small wharf outings.
Have just recently purchased my yak and love the serenity of been away from kids ,wife , and getting out of painting and doing the lawns.
I love adding little bits to yak and in general potting with tips and tricks on the net.
With the calm weather in Wanganui area its time to sneak away to secret untouched areas of our coastline.
All the best and hope another reel n rod from santa arrives.
Cheers,Andrew :beer:

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