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Hey folks,

Wondering if anyone can help me choose a kayak?

Pretty comfortable in a kayak (done a fair bit of whitewater) but this would be my first fishing kayak.
Gisborne-based so most of my time would be in the the open sea.
Been reading/watching a lot of stuff about how you need both hands for fishing, which seems pretty logical.
So tossing up between:
a Hobie pedal job (pretty hefty $$$$$$ though)
One of the cheaper, pedal-powered kayaks from Wavepassion (which could be a high quality knock-off of the Hobies or a Get-what-you-pay-for scenario)
a Viking Profish with the Bixpy (not sure which one of the three)

Thanks in advance for any comments.
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Plenty of us don't subscribe to the belief that you need a bixpy or peddles to land fish from a kayak. There are pros and cons to every option. But what do I know. This dood must have just got lucky I guess.
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My $0.02, and thinking about likely launch spots for your neck of the woods, most of them are surf/open beaches, so that should be a consideration. I have seen a few of the Naki crew using bixbys, and they have a similar sort of coast/fishery. I have to state that I have never used a peddle yak, so I don't know how I'd surf launch with one.
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my 2¢ also

I'm on my second kayak from Wave Passion and I'm a happy customer.

I got too big, for the 1st one (Elite 4) and I'm happy with the the second (Angler 14).

These are cheaper kayaks, but unless you want to go all stealth and Blue fin Tuna chasing, I reckon they're good for coastal and lake fishing.

Wave Passion customer service has always been very good to me. Unusual these days.

I prefer the paddled kayak, but if I was getting a pedal powered one, I'd try to get an Old Town Predator PDL

Good Luck!
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From what I have seen, many times in the current, be it fast or really fast current.... those with bixpy of peddle are more on the better drift then those without that added extra
I've seen these guys just sit in their sweet spots on top of the fish & get them..... instead of going over the fish & having to return to the spot afterwards & trying again (if they are still there)

Where I fish in the Manukau harbour, the drift can be quite swift at times. When dropping down micros or softies, the wrong angles come up quickly.....
I've changed my views on the bixpys & pdls.... they are a very useful tool, outside of my budget ;(
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A trukit inflatable with wee outboard is almost as portable and the same price with way more fishing locales safely within range and more fishing styles too. It's not hands free fishing if trying to hold station in current though, but it can get back up current for the next drift quickly. Further, both the trukits and any yak can benefit greatly from a relatively simple and cheap drift chute/drogue.

I'm with Marc on this - a new yak fisho is risking losing a heap of $ if they go all-out immediately on a high-end option and then realise yak fishing isn't for them.Cheaper options are out there, as are good used yaks and, especially in the first year, there are so many different skills and strategies to master without the added complexity, cost, and potential losses of a kayak motor.

But I guess it's whatever floats the new yak fisho's boat and keeps a smile on their dial. And if they have the $ to blow on a spanking new yak, good for them.
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