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Tasman/Marlborough region discussions, for local trips, meetings etc.
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Sat Feb 16, 2019 11:40 am

As good as my fav local spots are there comes a day when the scenery gets bit boring. So new year new spots... 20 being the goal... here goes n sry if i give away your local haunt..

Kaka beach - Been wanting to get out here for 4 years... Did 430pm launch on the low hoping there might be some current. Launched at the ramp/dirt bank into the estaury, down the channel n past the wharf. New spot, now where... Charts show some mixed up contours indicating low reef(6m) coming out of deeper water(8m) so a short paddle east saw us paddle off the reef and onto sand. Heaps of current and light easterly, so picks down, baits down n a few chunks flicked out. I was only 40m past 'the otha fulla' but it was quiet, while hes was busy, with bent rods and waving arms. Waving arms? Gotta be a kingi hiding under his yak... I was running whole pillies on a two hook strayline with a 1/4oz to get it down so when the stradic started screaming n the poor little klabs buckled I started to smile n cut loose from the anchor... Yeah nah wtf shit... umm kingis not blue big n shark shaped. Catching up later 'tof' reconed he had one sniffing the back of his yak and most intrigued in his anchor cord winder, which was bobbing around. Hence the waving of arms... Right time to drop some metal! Tryed the usual mjs and sbs and picked up a horse ky (63cm) and couple of pannies. 'tof' did the damage again with a nice trev(54cm) and best snaps went 51cm. The wind dropped off, so we cut anchor n drifted in shallow. Plenty of boil ups, mostly from ky chasing tiny bait but super pleasant as the tide pushed us back up the channel. Stellar spot! Beautiful launch, never more than couple km from the car and just over an hr from home....
kaka beach looking south
Another spot ive looked at and ignored due to being (what i thought) was too close to the chaos of boats between marahau and kaiteri.
We were on the return from a pretty mint morning at fishermans isle(once the smoke lifted off the water), and with time to spare before the tide was high enough to paddle right to the cars, took a detour. Paddled into 4-5m about 50m before the pt on the right hand side of marahau, and burleyed up the remaining bait. Picked up a few pannies until a boat stealthed in (without us noticing) and bombed his anchor with the obligatory chain on hull death rattle. Picked my biggest popper and started throwing it in his direction to indicate my annoyance.. Im not sure he even noticed.... Anyways pulled the pin and let the tide push me onto the flats.... Not an epic spot but at 1pm it produced better than expected. Will return with a 10pm high and see how it goes...Marahau is a great spot for spotting ray riders with acres of shallows and tons of bait but yet to see a kingi over 1m .
reef off the end of fishermans isle

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Sun Feb 24, 2019 5:42 pm

I think I'd better try some new spots also. This season I haven't fishing anywhere other than Patons Rock, and what's even worse I go to pretty much the same place every time I launch. Probably because I keep catching fish there, it's been the best summer's fishing I've experienced for many years.

No fishing this week but the week after I should try somewhere different.

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