Tasman/Marlborough region discussions, for local trips, meetings etc.
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Sun Jan 06, 2019 8:38 pm

The otha fulla lent me his 2+1 for a few days so i made the most of it. Ive considered guiding down here n make some $ of the chaotic xmas carnage, but no. Not now anyway... While it certainly is enjoyable, its hard work.... Got to take family n friends on several trips, but your average person has no real interest in getting up at 4am, to launch at 5am, and be back on the beach by 8am.... How often is the weather perfect? Only on the mornings punters cancel 5min before leaving, and you loose an hr having to swap yaks over n reorganise, getting there late n missing the bite.... But then theres the sunrise, first fish, first snaps, first,first,first, n they keep smiling....
Back to work n fishing deep n wide on weekends!
tata islands rat kings xmas arvo in the rain
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Othafulla n glowbug
tasman bay
toooo hot

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Mon Jan 07, 2019 8:17 pm

I do pretty much the same as you. I leave home two hours before sunrise and have yet to persuade anyone to come with me and launch at 4.40 (my current launch time). It's a pity because there's lots going on in the shallow water early and the bite fades away soon after 7 o'clock.

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