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Friday port session

Posted: Sat Jan 19, 2019 9:57 pm
by hermodo
Finally got all the homie jobs out of the way, so invested in a guilt -free fishing trip from the Port .
left the ramp at about 9.30 am . Dead low tide ! and headed to the outside green bouy . i gleaned a handful of mussels from the bouy , and this proved to be a blessing . There was a fair bit of Port traffic , so I kept out of the way as a couple of container ships left , and a cruise ship berthed . I always find this marine traffic fascinating ,so I was happy to watch , from a safe distance , had my coffee , & muesli bars, and settled into a session .
Berley of course , but the interesting thing was that despite having hundreds of dollars worth of rods in the water , i caught the most fish on a handline ! not a huge haul ,I have to admit, but 2 large KY , and several jack mackerel, filled my smoker . So i went home happy , no trophies but a good feed , 2 hours on the water. Job done , & with a smile !