Blue Cod surprise

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On the odd day when the weather gods and days off work coincide there is some magic time to be had paddling in Hawkes Bay. So on a chilly but fine,windless day I ventured out to my favourite spot on the second green bouy of the shipping channel at the Port of Napier. Locals will know this spot as maybe somewhat lean , but safe solo paddling, and on this particular day, a chunky swell dictated that it would be hard work !
Feeling lazy and with good clear sea conditions in close I chose to drift fish over very shallow foul ground. At times fishing in only 2m of water, I hug ged the shore, relishing the flat ,clear ,calm.
Using salted mackerel, and 4/0 hooks on a ledger rig, you can imagine my surprise at a solid Blue Cod, of takeable size ! I hung around for half an hour looking for the rest of his family but it was all over . one strike, one fish. Made my day ! Lunch ,you may ask? Yep ,fried in butter on wholemeal toast, with a Stables sauvignon blanc. , within an hour of being caught .That's what fishing is about for me !
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