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Hobie Vantage Seats

Posted: Fri Sep 12, 2014 9:10 am
Taking it to another level Hobie have introduced the Vantage Seat. These will come in 3 styles to fit the different Hobie 2015 models.
Here are a couple of pics from the Revolution 13 and Outback.

Also the new MirageDrive® with Glide Technology:
Roller bearings inserted within the mechanism enable you to pedal faster more easily – you will feel the difference.
Updated fins: each MirageDrive will now feature ‘Bluefins’ – gorgeous blue and gray fins that bring an exciting new look to the MirageDrive.
ST Bluefins add another degree of efficiency, and are now standard on all Mirages except the Island Series and the Pro Angler Series.
Turbo Bluefins, for maximum power, are standard equipment on the Island Series and the Pro Angler Series.