any scuba divers out there

Section for the discussion of fishing in the water, be it scuba or free-diving
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does anybody on here scuba dive of there yak?
Just completed my open water dive cert, and moving on to the advanced dive cert, but need a buddy to go diving with(in the yak), in the auckland region, probly just going to around ten-15 metres max depending where the scallops r :rock:
Im just a beginner so looking for somebody who knows what they're doing.
Cheers Jess
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I have often thought about it but never tried it.... I have my ticket so might be tempted at some point.......
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I've done it a few time from a borrowed Escapade. It's great, entry/exit's a breeze. Just bare in mind you still have to get home under ya own steam, so easy stuff's the go.
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I have been diving for quite some time, but had an extended break while i took up Yak Fishing.
I am looking mto merge the two sports and am putting together a setup which is yak friendly.

I have not dived off the yak yet as I havent managed to get any tanks to replace the ones I sold earlier in life.
(this shouldnt be too far away, I am saving up).

I am eager to see how many people out there dive from yaks or are thinking about it.
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I have never tried it but have done a fair bit of diving...

Need to get my REG serviced but would be keen to get out for a dive at some point
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I use to dive off my Viking 440 with out to much trouble but have since moved it on and not being in the water since ;( as just not the time to do fish and dive trips with starting a family
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I have been for a couple of dives off the yak. Getting on and off is easy as but I can only carry 1 tank so want to get back into freediving this summer. Then you can stay out as long as the body will let you!


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I've been SCUBA diving fairly regularly since 1999 and have done over 600 dives.

I have thought about diving from a kayak, but the main issue that I can see is that if there is a problem you might be a distance away from a safe place or help might be difficult to get.

Also, strenuous exercise (i.e. paddling) after diving is thought to increase the risk of decompression illness.

People do it quite successfully and safely though. I guess it's just a matter of mitigating as much risk as possible.

If I were going to do it, I'd keep it shallow, use a small cylinder (10L) and probably side sling it rather than have it on my back.
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