Daiwa KIX LT 4000

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With a change of employment in the early part of last year, it meant that I was free to buy any brand of gear I wanted and fish with some old favourites too.
One of the first purchases was a Daiwa KIX LT 4000 sized reel which went on the CD Extrasense 7’9 10-20lb rod as my go to softbaiting set.
Now with almost a year under its belt and some good snapper, an eagle ray and a couple kings to its name, it’s time for a review.
The reel has the usual amount of hype and marketing jargon that any mid-range softbait reel in the market has, but what attracted me was the metal body, magsealing and the drag.
The reel is silky smooth in the hand, and casts well (initially spooled with Varivas PE2, then Shimano Kaiariki 15lb), it’s light enough to be in the hand all day, and makes a great match with the Extrasense (with its minimalist grips and reel seat). It casts very well, and I do believe I get a little extra distance over my previous reels. (I have never measured that, so that’s just gut feel)
The drag is claimed to be 12kgs, and while I have never come anywhere close to running that sort of drag, it is smooth and predictable with minimal start up inertia, even on higher drag settings, and has no notchiness, even when cold. There is no fade or change in performance as it heats up on longer fights either. As seems typical for a carbon drag, at very low drag settings it’s not as smooth as oiled felt, but that’s pretty academic for me as I’m a bit on the ham fisted side of things.
With the metal body, the reel is very solid, with no discernible twist when cranking. Also the body has handled the usual knocks and regular use well, and has no dings or marks to date.
I’ve used the same after use schedule I have used with all other reels, a wash with fresh water with the drag tight, then hung horizontally to dry with the drag backed off and the odd rub with a dry cloth. To date the reel still feels like new.
It will be sent in for a service (preventative maintenance purposes) come winter, and here’s the only negative that I can think of, because of the magsealing, it’s not a job for the home reel service man.
Overall I’d definitely recommend it, and would happily buy one again.
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