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In this section you will find reviews, of kayaks, accessories, fishing tackle, and more. All reviews are written by our members. If you have a favorite piece of equipment, write up a review and let others know what you think.
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Kayak Make: Mission
Kayak Model: Catch 390
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I am quite new to sea kayaking and recently bought a fantastic 2nd hand Mission Catch 390 so l decided to order a Mission Kayak fishing vest from the located in Nelson, l ordered it on the 19th of Jan thinking at least it would arrive in a week, for 3 weeks l rang them every Friday to ask where the heck it was. The staff member said on the 1st 2 phone calls that it had been forgotten and it was on it's way, today l rang again as last time they stated that PBT had picked it up for delivery to my address, not surprised it didn't arrive at all and got a message that they had refunded me 9which was good. They said it ended up at someone's house in Blenheim with another kayak order. I will never bother to order anything from them ever again, the worst ever online shopping experience l have ever had. Lesson learned be very careful who you order from online.
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Forewarned is forearmed. Thanks for the info. People being what we are, we're gonna make mistakes, but hopefully only occasionally and even better still, hopefully when we do we own it, make it right, and learn from it.

I've been on a post-Marine Deals walkabout the last few months. Ordering gear from a number of different stores as I step outside the Marine Deals ecosystem to see who else is out there. The range of experiences on my walkabout cover everything from really pleased with the service to some of the most incompetent circus clownery I've ever encountered outside a circus tent.
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