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For the discussion of how you cook your catch, post your favorite recipes in here for all to try
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Sat May 13, 2017 2:52 pm

Kept instructions for this from a newspaper supplement have been meaning to try it for a while finally got around to it , originally a European salmon curing method that can be used for other fish don't now if theres an nz saltwater fish that's suitable ?. Tried it on a small rotoiti trout fish was in average condition but flesh was a nice deep red colour . This is my first attempt so someone else may have more experience add to the post if you have . I de slimed fish had a go at scaling but seem to difficult then filleted skinning one fillet leaving skin on other fillet to see which was best , then pulled out pin bones bit fiddly but worth doing
make up a slurry of non iodised salt , brown sugar ,black pepper ,lemon zest , and a splash of spirits most recipes have dill but didn't have any but will try next time . Spread slurry on flesh of fillets generously then wrap fillets in one package with glad wrap leaving ends open for liquid to drain out . Put on plate with another similar plate on top the put some weight on top plate to compress a little . Put into fridge for at least 48 hrs and rotate fillets every 12 approx. Once done unwrap fillets and wipe of remaining slurry with kitchen paper towel then slice thin use as you would smoked salmon you can buy which is about $8 for 100 grams very pricey . Have tried on nice fresh bread spread with ricotta and on a home made pizza will try next time in a pasta and a risotto . Its simpler than my instructions make it seem and imo worth doing , check out goggle for other slurry recipes and just use what you've got in the cupboard. But do use a good salt

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Sat May 13, 2017 4:43 pm

thanks, anything that makes trout edible must be worth a go :y:

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