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lol last time i paddled back from kapiti... i ended up at raumati....
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Ha ha yep the current can be pretty strong in the channel.

never fished anywhere with such a strong current as west coast of welly. a couple of weeks ago my drift speed was 4kph that's insane.
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Hi Guys
We are having a go at getting a proper club set up for the local Yak fishers in Wellington.
I see this has been tried once before some 10 years ago, I guess there was a lack of engagement.
There seems to me more and more of us on the water and I reckon it's time to try again. I have put some feelers out on Facebook and there seems to be more than a bit of interest
Would be great to have a club to rival some of our Northern neighbours, hold regular club events, guest speakers and eventually a big comp to attract some of those from up north, see how they handle our conditions! :lol:

I want to hear from anyone who would be interesting in joining, or if you have some ideas about how it could be run, what you would like to get from it and if you are really keen, to be involved.
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