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Are they all created equal?
Is there a better/best brand to buy?
After 3-4 years fishing "blind", I finally got(won :rock: ) a finder-Humminbird 170.
I have seen and will study more how to set it up, just need to know which battery I can rely on. I plan to be doing this for more years to come.
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From my experience, it's more about how you look after your battery! I managed to break my one after a few uses. Like most of my stuff on the kayak I reckon go cheap - it doesn't take much to bash it, lose it off the side or get enough seawater in it to render is useless!

Hope this is helpful.
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Looking after them is the key. Give them a charge when you get home instead of before you go out again as they like being full.
That finder draws only about 200mA as apposed to the larger color ones that take about 600mA so you could run it off a smaller battery (3-4Ah) if you were concerned about weight and get a days fishing no worries.
The standard 7Ah bat will last days.
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