Bit of a psa for those buying a new sounder.

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Fri Dec 30, 2016 8:23 pm

I got a lowrance elite 7 ti that was the result of being talked up from a dragonfly 5 the other day.

Like any good ocker I fitted it that night and tried to make sure everything was going, and it was, except I realised once it was in place that the touch screen had stopped working. Or at least kind of.

Waving a hand around the cable, touching various parts of the back of the unit or touching any part of the battery posts made the touch start working again. Drove me nuts. guys at smart marine couldn't get it going after claiming that there was nothing wrong with it in the shop ( got ex display model ) and it still worked perfectly on the mount in the shop, he got a new unit from manukau which turned out had the exact same condition. Changed batteries, cables, everything except search youtube for issues with a lowrance ti touch screen on land.

They don't work on land, in an isolated setup. 12v power from a mains transformer has a large earth ( the planet) and is happy as. The system typically grounds through the transducer so basically if I hadn't tested it in my garage and just set it up and went out ( i mean the thing turned on and everything, just ignored my fingers) I'd never have known of any problems as it would have been operating in its proper environment.

So yeah. If you get a touch screen finder, maybe its just lowrance units but I suspect it may be the same with others, dont worry about the fact the touch screen either is sporadic or doesn't respond at all, it'll work when you touch the sounder frame ( metal part ) or either battery post while touching, or of course when you use it for what it was meant to do.
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