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Posted on behalf of Sharky:

To the eight club members that went to the Great Barrier, how can we convey back to those that haven't experienced what we have, the enormity and granduere of fishing the remoteness and inky depths of this massive outer island.

And to cap it off , we were treated by the most awesome off hosts Katie and Bruce Langford @ Crossroads Backpackers At Claris. Katie and Bruce you made our trip immeasurable... you put up with our smelly fish, eccentric hours, late night rum assisted banters, gave us sound guideance and direction..., became part of us,.....and were there when we may not have been the cleanest of punters ...and to top it off, you made it all perfect for us....we absolutely thank you for your efforts and hope the fishy smells and mess we left wasn't too bad.

We had some of our greatest kayak fishing adventures ever, topped of with great accommodation and yes, we all fell in love with Great Barrier Island and didn't want to return home .

It didn't matter if you didn't catch a trophy fish. just being there in the magnitude was a great thrill.

Personally. I caught some record fish, but that bears no relevance to my last day's fishing or Arid Island, hooked up to my supposed mega mother snapper to see it turn into a six foot bronze whaler shark. No drama, I caught a bronzy and big mako the day before......but seeing the bronzy loom out of the clearest water I've ever seen was #*******n spectacular, all it's fins were fully extended and I could see him 30 to 40 feet down. We had such a scrap that when ole bronzy came alongside my kayak..he gave up, conceded his fate and stood absolutely erect with head out of the water and tail vertically south. We had battled for 15 minutes or so, it was an etching experience and I respectfully let my finned friend drift back to the depths. The added bonus was that I got my flouro leader

Special thanks to Ocky and Jai for hassling Steve and I (who at the time were pssd as parrots. into loading our kayaks and wet smelly accessories back on the car in the later hours of Monday to go fishing on Tuesday, the day we were returning back to AKLD. Poor Steve was woken up (after 5 hrs induced that mornin @ 4.30 am.....!! , When Ocky and Jai got up before dawn, they thought someone had stolen my car, because "Sharky never leaves early", were they surprised to see us at the beach before them.

No doubt, for those who weren't there, you will hear many stories and view many photos.......from me, just being there fishing in my minuscule plastic capsule called a kayak was great, kayaking miles out to sea and around Barrier's outer islands was exciting and daunting. (you become humbled very fast)......I even managed to have a free-dive in one of the remotest parts of the Southeast Barrier side, albeit a crash landing in the swell to get onto the rocks, however, the fish life was awesome, I meet a cray, and weirdly I spent ages to find a legal paua.

Well, thats my five cents worth........see ya at the next club fish or club meeting.

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Great report

I have experienced some land based fishing there and I too didn't want to leave - the scenery and wild life there is amazing and I can't wait to get back there. An early morning fish as the sun comes up with the chorus of bird life - looking into crystal clear waters and seeing huge sting rays glide over the rocks is an experience I won't forget.

Be great to see some pic's



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I am so jealous. Mmmmmmm Great Barrier.........arrrgghhhhhh :mrgreen:
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