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Mark Hullett
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Not communicated this way before so bear with me, please!.
We have designed-trialed-manufactured a new lifting system for raising cray pots without the need for winches or heavy hand hauling on ropes. This simple to operate lifting tackle now enables everyone to return to the sport they love, even using the smallest of craft such as Kayaks - Jet Ski etc. We have designed this revolutionary product for use with our successful Kaikoura Cray pots we have produced for over 15yrs now. A compact unit that sits on your Kayak that we call a " Combo".
Pots and the CrayMate are available as separate units. The CrayMate can be used on most other pots as well. Your CrayMate is easily stowed neatly inside a small Kaikoura cray pot so no extra space is required. On reaching your drop zone, play out the top float and small diameter air hose on the surface to float away from you. Lower your pot to the sea bed leaving your top float clearly visible allowing for the rise and fall of the tide. To retrieve, attach your small handheld compressor hose to the air intake nipple on the top float ( just like pumping up a car tyre ) A couple of short bursts of air into your bag and your pot should surface beside your craft in about 30 seconds. Remove your catch, re-bait and by activating the compensating valve on the bag, deflate the bag and re-set your pot. All equipment should float away from you on the surface so no need to bring anything on board. The CrayMate consists of: 70 lb capacity lift bag - webbing and heavy duty dog clip. 10 meters of air hose ( extra 10m lengths available. Heavy-duty polystyrene top float with air coupling. As many people already have small handheld compressors and batteries, we do not supply them. They are available from Repco stores etc. We believe this system could provide a safer way of retrieving cray pots leaving you with much greater control of your craft whilst fishing. Small Kaikoura Cray pots $195. CrayMate $350 + freight of $25 for the Combo or each.
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