Are reef kayaks any good?

Adverts for new and used kayaks and equipment.
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Wed Apr 11, 2018 11:52 am ... 9bea061434
Charlie is selling these reef kayaks 4mm hull thickness 5 year guarantee, made in China but recons they are as almost as good as NZ made without the high price tag.
I would welcome your analysis of this kayak yakers!
Thanks in advance
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Wed Apr 11, 2018 3:22 pm

Certainly more trust in those than the no name cheaper versions. There is support and warranty back up with Charlie and co. Black is not a colour I would like in the blazing hot sun however. 😁

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Mon Apr 16, 2018 11:30 am

I shouldn't comment on the goodness of these, as I don't know, though they do look good.

But my 10 cents worth, is that they look like the Wave Passion ones, and that when I bought mine, I did the: deep deep deep, google research and discovered that most of the good ones, out of China use the same, UV stabilised plastic, as the NZ made ones and that such plastic, comes from factories in the USA, or so I believe.

Any hoo, they look good.
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Thu Apr 19, 2018 9:36 pm

Charlie is a great guy very trustworthy. I’ve been out with yakkers in those and everyone I’ve been with likes them.

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Sun May 12, 2019 6:34 pm

Hi All,

I have just bought one of these. After a lot of googling/ you tubing what I liked about these kayaks was:
- length: 4+ meters and the good width gives a stable platform with reasonable speed
- Fit out/value: these kayaks come with a good level of gear standard...good seat, anchor trolley, 2 piece paddle multiple rod holders, rudder, hatches/ storage etc
- Charlie is a good local agent- a dedicated kayaker

Having owned boats in the past I am well aware that you need weather + tides + free time + family leave to all add up before you can hit the water (ie not using it every day...), so as long as the quality is "really good" it does not need to be indestructible or commercial grade. I have also spent a decent amount of time in China and if you can find the right supplier/ local person you should not be afraid of a kayak made in China. So far, I am happy with the Reef Kayak. The limits of performance are definitely me, rather than the kayak!

As a person experienced with fishing/ boats, but new to kayaks, here are my learnings:
1. Buy well and look for both length and stability
2. Spend some time getting your gear together- I researched a lot around anchor set ups, drogues, accessories and gear to attach to your PDF. In a kayak you have to think about having everything within easy reach. It will take a few "shake-down" trips to get this sorted
3. Safety first- there is very little margin of error in a kayak. If things go wrong they will go wrong don't scrimp and save on safety.
4. Look for bargains- like all toys, you can fit out your kayak to the max. I use aliexpress a lot and as long as you are happy to wait 3-4 weeks for delivery the cost can't be beaten. So far, all the kayak accessories been great. A pair of fishing gloves have not lasted well, but at $5 a pair that's OK. Check out the lure and fishing tackle costs...amazing selection and prices
5. Spend some time learning to unload and load from the car/ roof racks. A 4m + fishing kayak is not light. I can load/ unload on my own and technique is all important- each time it gets easier, but it is easy to get it wrong! I have mid size SUV with roof racks- I put mats on the roof and use a method that first loads perpendicular to the car and then swivel to far so good.
6. Have everything in a crate/ box for putting in the car and a system for checking everything when you hit the water- it is very easy to waste time running from beach to car to collect something you have forgotten or leave something at home that should have been in the kayak. Unlike a boat, 9/10 the kayak is stored empty and you have to consciously remember what kayak and personal gear to take.
7. I store my kayak in the garage on a hoist- 2 things I learnt. a) buy a hoist system off the web/ torpedo 7, but throw out the cord supplied and buy a 8mm rope...typically they come with a 6mm cord that is hard to use. The pulley will handle 8mm. b) run a line between the 2 hooks that hold the straps supporting the kayak...the straps will want to slide outwards to the bow and stern and you don't want these sliding off and the kayak crashing on to your car!

I typically go out at dawn in good weather and so far kayak fishing really trailer (which means no WOF/ rego), no petrol motor, quick set-up/ wash down, quiet/ peaceful experience, ability to get up close to rocks/ wash, direct connection with the elements...and a great workout.

Next steps...have yet to invest in a fishfinder (the Reef kayak comes with a transponder housing) and like the idea of the Bixpy for getting to the fishing spots quickly (both of which I suspect the purists reject!)

Happy Kayaking


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Sun May 12, 2019 7:35 pm

Answer to your question, yep they are good..for the money.
Next step, try a few different paddles if you can. An upgrade will improve your enjoyment hugely. And you can keep your new paddle if you ever see the need to change your kayak in the future.

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Tue Aug 13, 2019 10:54 am

Sorry to reopen an old post,
Reading above these are good value for money yaks.
My question is how are the in the rough? In the Gulf you get plenty of calm and not a lot of surf entry (orewa aside).
How would they do down the east coast?(whakatane - Te Kaha) Has anybody had them in decent surf and chop? How do they fare?
Very interested in one as I'm a big guy on a budget. But too far away to be able to test paddle.

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