And another in the drink... Currently in hospital

To discuss safety issues and their direct affects on kayaks and kayak fishing. Do it but do it safely!
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"A kayaker is in hospital after their boat capsized, and they had to be rescued by a helicopter on the West Coast.
Police were notified a person was attempting to swim to the shore of the Hokitika River mouth about 7.50am on Sunday morning after their kayak overturned, a spokesperson said.
A member of the public told Stuff conditions were terrible and the kayaker had been trying to get to the shore for about 20 minutes before he was rescued.
Police said the person was taken to hospital by ambulance and was reported to be in a moderate condition."
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According to Paul Caffyn who lives on the West Coast, this is what happened -

It was in fact a kayaker helped with the rescue of a whitebaiter,
who had stripped off in jumped into the river to chase his fibreglass
canoe, when a gust of wind blew it downriver.

The Greymouth Star had more detail, and it seems that a kayaker saw
the bloke in trouble and may have helped him close enough to hand on
to some scrub on the big island, where the rescue helicopter picked him up.

Basically the news media getting half a story and not knowing a kayak from a canoe or waka (as up in Auckland).

And they want us to learn Maori and they can't write English?
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