2009 KFNZ Monthly Competition winners

Go on, show us what you caught from your Kayak! Where, when, and how are optional
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Thu May 23, 2013 5:47 pm

Here are the 12 monthly comp winners for 2009.

Any chance of a 'best of 2009' poll Mental? Also, are you able to put the pics in??

January 2009 winner: View Entry
Name-Hairy Little Sore Armed Dwarf
Fish type-Tope
Length- 1.26m, 24kg (52lb)
Date/Time- 8 Jan 2009, 2130Hrs
Location-Rangaunu Harbour
Rig - Half Kahawai fillet straylined with 8/0 circle, 50lb trace and 12kg line on Penn 9500ss

February 2009 winner: View Entry
Name / Username of Angler: Kinlet
Fish Type: Snapper
Length: 70cm ish
Date/Time of Capture: 07/02/09
Location of Capture: Bay Of Islands
Type of Lure/Bait used: Nuclear Chicken

March 2009 winner: View Entry
Name / Username of Angler: Mental
Fish Type: Snapper
Length: Dunno, weight: 12lb
Date/Time of Capture: March 14th about 8:00am
Location of Capture: Whangatupere Bay
Type of Lure/Bait used: 5" Gulp Pink Shine
Comments: My biggest Snapper from the kayak so far!

April 2009 winner: View Entry
Name / Danfili
Fish Type:Snapper
Length:83 cm (9.8kgs ?? i think)
Date/Time of Capture:05/04/2009 1300 ish
Location of Capture:South Taranaki
Type of Lure/Bait used: BIG Kahawai Fillet
Comments:The day before caught my 1st snapper around the 2 kg mark , just after lunch on the final day i decided to clean the deck as it was covered in sh*t , surely if i throw out a big bait to soak it would give me time sort myself out relax and then wait for it to happen Yeah Right as soon as the bait hit the bottom in was on cheese scone !!!

May 2009 winner: View Entry :lol:
Name / Username of Angler: Pete
Fish Type: Snapper
Length: 35ish
Date/Time of Capture: 9.15am sunday 17th may
Location of Capture: base of mount maunganui
Type of Lure/Bait used: punkin seed soft bait
Comments: Not as big as other fish but yes my best snapper out of kayak so far

June 2009 winner: View Entry
Name / Danfili
Fish Type: Gurnard
Date/Time of Capture: 07.06.09 3pm
Location of Capture: Plimmerton
Type of Lure/Bait used:Kahawai
Comments: (optional)

July 2009 winner: View Entry
Name / Username of Angler: Hairy Little Dwarf
Fish Type: Snapper (Chrysophrys auratus)
Length: 68cm (27" - Tad shorter than the Prowler well, and longer than a baby)
Weight: Heavier than a baby 13lb gutted
Date/Time of Capture: 1000Hrs 17/07/09
Location of Capture: Spot X, somewhere north of Whangarei
Type of Lure/Bait used: Pillie cube
Comments (optional): It was cold and miserable, but I had to get the new yak wet.

August 2009 winner: View Entry
Name / Username of Angler: Jason (Yakman)
Fish Type: Gurnard
Length: 45cm
Date/Time of Capture: 07/08/09 11:00am
Location of Capture: New Plymouth
Type of Lure/Bait used: Kahawai

September 2009 winner: View Entry
Name / Username of Angler: Stephen Casey/naki ralph
Fish Type: Snapper
Length: 81cm
Date/Time of Capture: 8/9/2009/mid afternoon
Location of Capture: White Cliffs, North Taranaki
Type of Lure/Bait used: Size 5 circle hook/Kahawai
Comments: (optional) 21.5lbs my first big snapper

October 2009 winner: View Entry
Name / Username of Angler: Robbo
Fish Type: Snapper
Length: 68cm / 15lb 8oz
Date/Time of Capture: Approx. 18:10Hrs, 02/10/09
Location of Capture: Cable Bay
Type of Lure/Bait used: 5" Exude Bloody White soft bait on 3/8oz jig hook with 10lb braid.

November 2009 winner: View Entry
Name / Username of Angler: Kingfish Killer (Mark)
Fish Type: Snapper
Length: 710cm
Date/Time of Capture: November 1st approx 9.30am
Location of Capture: Broken Islands Great Barrier
Type of Lure/Bait used: I think it was a 5 inch pink shine or a nuke chook grub tail
Comments: The sea was quite choppy with large swells hooked the fish in 25meters of water only about 35m from the rocks. I only just got the fish on board before the swells pushed me into the rocks. Fight time was 5-10 minutes.

December 2009 winner: View Entry
Name / Username of Angler: Zeopard Girl
Fish Type: Carrot
Length: long enough for me and the fisheries officer...
Date/Time of Capture: Boxing Day morning
Location of Capture: Saddleback Island off Port Taranaki
Type of Lure/Bait used: Smelly Bait (salted pillies)
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