Rigging a Scrambler 11 - Noob needs inspiration

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Mon Dec 19, 2016 9:20 am

Hi guys,

So i'm picking up a Scrambler 11 off a mate second hand for $700 (I think thats a good deal for something thats only been used 3 times). Comes with paddle and a seat. I'm getting it as a platform for fish and spearfish off. After trolling through the forum i've seen some pretty cool rigs and lots of informative stuff, what I gather is that to make it fishable I should have.

- Scottys rod holder
- Chilly bag
-Running rig and drift chute
- Tethers for rods and paddle.

Shes gunna be a work in progress for me and my student wage but if you guys have any input or thoughts on what I could do for someone whos just starting out it'd be appreciated.

I'm in whangaparaoa.

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Sun Nov 26, 2017 4:57 pm

If you are short on cash you do not need much.

If I remember correctly these should have two rod holders already behind the seat, this is all I use and I am catching plenty of fish.

Make your own leashes with some shark clips used to make long line long rigs and some rope.

Go to a second hand shop and get a pre loved chilly bin to hold bait, ice and fish you catch.

A running rig is even necessary, you can attach a anchor or drift chute to a rope with a clip htat is attached to the back handle.

Do not over think it, my kayak and setup cost $700, it's all I need and it has more than paid for itself in fish I have caught over the last few years.

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