Hurricane Seat reviews

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Hey guys wondering what people think of these seats for the reload? I'm fairly tall and wide so thinking that it might give me a tad more space than a clip-on seat. Keen to hear what folk think?
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4yrs Ive had it on the reload, came with it, very comfy, plus I'm a long fala probably the same length as you - me is 6 foot 4
Cant compare to a proper seat, as I've never had one... but if you read around on the net, those that have gone from a seat to the hurricane back rest, they seem to say - wish they did it ages ago
I have the blue cushion foam base, sold by Viking, good enough to sit on
I have read elsewhere that the hull is best to sit on instead of the foam thingy, I didn't believe it till I left the foam thingy at home.
The hull is definitely better to sit on as it shapes around your bum, especially if you lean back in to it.... very sung fit, altho, you do get wet arse from the scuppers, so I take the foam base most times = drier arse
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