Ocean Kayak Brass Insert Distance for Anchor Trolley!

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Have just got hold of a used Ocean Kayak Prowler Elite 4.5 and want to add an anchor trolley. There are already a pair of brass inserts molded into both the bow and stern to accept a pad eye (or saddle or whatever you call it), which I'd like to use - seems daft not to make use of them as they're there, which'll avoid me drilling another 4 holes into the hull. The hole centres of each pair are 48mm apart, which to me is an odd size. I appreciate I can just find a stainless steel fitting as close as possible and knock it to shape/size; however, Ocean Kayak in their wisdom must of set the brass inserts 48mm apart for a reason, i.e. to specifically fit something. Anyone know what that something is?

I was wondering if it was a cheek pulley/block but I can't find any with the mounting holes set 48mm apart. Or....

Any thoughts greatly appreciated!
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There's a few off the shelf running rig kits that must be the right size. They all look like the use a stainless saddle that the pulleys attach to. I'm sure I've read about people using cheek blocks so maybe a search of the forum might turn something up.

https://www.kayakadventures.co.nz/ONLIN ... y=29554010
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Contact Rob Fort, Coromandel Kayaks. He'll sort you out. Or try Burnsco.
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