Can you help? has been helping kayak fishers since we launched in September 2008. Since then, the technology behind websites has changed dramatically and the costs of keeping the website running have increased each year. 

Our mission is to provide a free, accurate, information heavy, safe online community home for NZ kayak anglers. While we do have minimal advertising on the site, and we’ve had huge support from NZ based kayak manufacturers and retailers in the past lots of this has slowly fallen away over the years.

Because of this, in October 2020 I decided to close down the site as the expenses were outstripping income – announced here. I have since received many emails, and messages asking if anything could be done to keep the site open. One suggestion that came up again and again was the opportunity for members to donate towards the site’s upkeep. So here we are….

There’s no pressure at all for anyone to donate, but if you can, it will help keep this vital resource available to those who need it.

Thank you

Jason aka Mental