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Maori Fishing Calendar

Advanced Fishing Bite Times
Author:  smellsfishy

I have just completed a research paper on fishing bite times in relation to the moon phases. Below is the summary of the findings. It would be great to get feedback from the kayak fishing community on whether the theory and the new refined tables work in practice. I have placed the actual bite time tables on

How to catch more fish – timing is everything

Ever heard the saying “20% of the fishermen catch 80% of the fish”? The most successful fishermen know where to fish, how to fish, and most importantly WHEN to fish. Fishing bite time forecasts are critical for the aspiring angler, and an important a factor for planning a successful days fishing.

Fishing Calendar and Bite Times – the theory

Have you ever driven past a field of cows and noticed them either all feeding or all sitting inactive? How about going fishing when the fish are definitely there but just not biting? Hunters and fishermen from ancient civilisations were the first to connect the movement and feeding times of animals with the moon phases. They planned hunts and fishing expeditions based on the moon phases to maximise their results. The same practices applied in ancient times are still valid today.

The connection between animal movement was first documented in 1926, by John Alden Knight. His research concluded there were major and minor Solunar periods during the day that aligned with the positioning on the moon. He noted “Other conditions not being unfavourable, fish will feed, animals will move about, birds will sing and fly from place to place, in fact, all living things will become more active, more alive, during Solunar periods than at other times of apparent equal value. Those anglers who have had the breadth of vision to follow the schedule, have found that it is a guide to the best fishing of each day, and the quality of their sport has improved…”

When to go fishing

– An “Excellent” fishing days occur around time full moon or a new moon times, and the “Poor” days when there is a quarter moon and a three quarter moon.
– The best times of each day to go fishing are when the moon is directly overhead or directly underfoot on the opposite side of the earth.
– The next best times are when the moon rises or sets.
– The length of each bite time depends on the moon phasing, with the best days having the longest bite times and the worst days having the shortest.
– Fish also feed at “change of light”, which occurs at sunrise and sunset.
– The ultimate time to go fishing (I call this “fishing nirvana”) is when the fishing day is rated “excellent”, and a bite time on this day coincides with change of light.

If you don’t have a lunar calendar handy to calculate these times, no worries. Tables showing the best days and bite times are available now for your location at These tables take the best aspects of the Solunar theory and Maori fishing calendar, and by providing the length of each bite time they should give the most accurate forecast possible. It would be great to hear your feedback. Any questions feel free to ask!

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Ocean Kayak – Prowler Ultra 4.3 – Launch

Here we are May 12th 2011, in Auckland, New Zealand at the 2011 Hutchwilco New Zealand Boat Show with the official launch of the new Ocean Kayak Prowler Ultra 4.3 kayak from Johnson Outdoor Watercraft.


Hand Feeding Sharks in New Zealand

Here is a little segment from The Kayak Fishing Show with Jim Sammons that was shot in NZ with Jai Sanders. Jim does a little hand feeding of the Sharks and almost fed him his hand. Good for some nervous laughter.

Featured News

Ocean Kayak Prowler Ultra 4.3 – First Pics

Please note, as mentioned below there are some changes from the drawing.

It is also possible that there may be some minor variations from these drawings to the final production kayak.

Features retained from Prowler Ultra 4.7

Icebox recess
Rod tube can be fitted, but area made larger to fit 5” hatch or gun bag
Solid handles, front rear and side
Skid plate (modified to reduce drag)

Changes from the Prowler Ultra 4.7

400 mm shorter
Stream lined side scan transducer scupper (reduce drag)
Hard chines rounded (reduce drag)
Water line increased at tail (increase speed and better tracking)
Transducer will accept hummingbird and lowrance transducer with out modification to transducer.
It is also big enough to fit most popular other brands

Rear tank well
3 scupper for better drainage
Hatch on front wall to access area under seat (primary for batteries to be store at centre of boat, access for running electronics)
Out board mounting point deepened so extra rod holders can be fitted
Moulded in Rod holders behind seat
Recess and saddle in front of rear tank well for holding anchor
Optional live bait tank will fit into this recess (idea stage only)

Same seat height as in 4.7
Clip in large foam seat pad, negative recess, Velcro and inserted bolt lock into place.
Optional 4inch hatch area in front of seat, (mainly access for fitting electronics), gulp container fits in 2nd recess
Please note, fixed seat back is still in development and testing stage. It is not shown on the drawing but will be on final boat.

Cockpit area
Increased deck angle for quicker drainage
Foot bumps removed and foot track to be used
Paddle holder has been modified to help ease of use. Not shown in drawing
Side rod holders angled out more for better rod position for stationary fishing
Dash board area will have 3 steps at different angle (not shown) will allow up to 13 rod holder configurations
Latest dash board configuration not shown in drawing, the flat area now extends across the foot wells to allow more area for mounting accessories.
Access hole to transducer nut made bigger
Foot track recessed lower 5mm, so foot track does not protrude
Foot track recess allows foot tracks to be moved 50mm forward or back), will accommodate anglers 5” to 7”
Please note foot well Scupper holes are not as shown in the drawing, they are back in the front end of the foot wells
Click seal front Hatch
Cut out in centre hatch for larger hummingbird sounders
More flare leading up to cockpit

Center well
Perfectly matched to new ultra center hatch
21% more volume
5inch hatch will fit on front or rear wall
Recess for larger sounders
Angle of bottom has been changed so that foam can be locked between it and the hull
Rear wall angle change to make rod tube fit easier,
Square recess has been modified to fit standard fuse switch panel for running sounders, vhf, lights, bait pump, etc ( standard size panel, available from all chandlery shops)

Over all
Locked recessed deck fitting recess, (so the rdf do not spin)
Flare on cockpit lip to deflect water
Recess for gps antenna
Rear areas for flag holder
projected weight of 27kg complete max

I imagine this will be enough to generate some interest and some questions

I would like to thank all the members of the kayaking community who provided feed back and fresh ideas to make this happen.

Regan Ashton
Johnson Outdoors Watercraft

And now for the pictures… ;)

Ocean Kayak Prowler Ultra 4.3

Ocean Kayak Prowler Ultra 4.3

Ocean Kayak Prowler Ultra 4.3

Ocean Kayak Prowler Ultra 4.3

Ocean Kayak Prowler Ultra 4.3

Ocean Kayak Prowler Ultra 4.3

Ocean Kayak Prowler Ultra 4.3

Ocean Kayak Prowler Ultra 4.3

Discuss the new Prowler Ultra 4.3 in the forum, we also have the kayak designer himself answering questions as they come in, take a look here >


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Tagit’s new fully insulated bags

Tagit Serious Fishing Gear now manufacture a fully insulated kayak rear well bag to add to there already extensive range of kayak fishing accessories. It was designed, like all the rest of their range, from feed back through customers and the demand for such a product by the ever growing kayak fishing fraternity. This range of bags are customized to perfectly fit Cobra, Prowler and Viking Kayaks.  Manufactured using 6mm marine grade insulation, on all sides of the bag, it is perfect for keeping your catch in top condition when out there fishing this summer! It has an internal tab for attaching a fish stringer, an self draining mesh pocket on top for storing your sea anchor and Velcro tabs for easy attachment to your kayak. Made with high quality YKK zipping and proudly made in New Zealand, it is sure to be a essential part of most kayak fishos set up.

Read more and discuss in the forum > Click Here

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New Kayak – Viking Kayaks Profish 400

Viking Kayaks have released a new kayak – The Profish 400

Details from Viking Kayaks:

The New Viking Profish 400

Length 4.1m
Width 78cm
Weight 26kg

Large rear well
Centre well with polycarbonate cover and bait board
Flat accessory mounting area at the front of the cockpit
Recessed side carry slots
6x Flush rod holders
2x Access hatches
Transducer socket designed to accommodate multiple brands
Twin in-line stern handles
StarPort flag mount
Paddle parks
Ergonomically designed seating position
Full length keel strip and Viking stern for straight tracking


The Profish 400 is our “mid size” performance fishing kayak. It’s a lighter and more manageable option than the Profish 440, yet still retains most of the features Profish kayaks have become renown for such as multiple rod holder capability and centre well tackle storage. The sides of the Profish 400 have been scalloped for improved paddling efficiency and to allow smaller paddlers better paddle access to the water while maintaining full fishing stability. Twin in-line stern grab handles solve the problems of a two-person carry with the optional rudder fitted and a full load of fish. Molded grab points at the sides of the cockpit makes single carry a breeze. The totally re-engineered seating and adjustable foot rests provide incredible comfort for extended fishing sessions and have combined with the centre well, side scallops, and multiple rod holders to allow the Profish 400 to raise kayak ergonomics to a whole new level.

Choose the Profish 400 if you’re looking for an incredibly stable and comfortable mid-size fishing kayak with the latest features and the most practical and easy to use deck layout on the market.

More details & photos will be posted in the forum as the become available > Viking Profish 400

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80lb+ Kingfish from a kayak

What is potentially the largest Kingfish caught from a kayak was landed at the Rangatira Reef out from White Island last weekend, the angler Mark Treadaway AKA “Kingfish Killer” sure did live up to his forum handle on this day lading the 36.5kg Kingfish from his Ocean Kayak Prowler 13 on a JigStar 250gm rod he brought especially for the trip. He was on a trip out to White Island that had been organised on the forum aboard the Nimble II from Tauranga. Read more trip reports and see more photos of this giant fish on the KFNZ forum > White Island Trip Reports

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New C-Tug wheels

From C-Tug:

We have the new wheel ready and in stock. We intend to promote through our web site in December. Some NZ dealers already have these in stock. Also available at

Expect pricing to be around $22.50 each. The New Zealand made wheel is rated at 60kg. Tested to 120kg. The composite reinforced wheel is UV stabilised, half the weight of a pneumatic equivalent and looks great. Gives impressive performance on sand. The wheel has a rubber tire, of sorts. This was also tested to destruction. Overall, we are very pleased with the result. Oh, and most importantly, NO AIR REQUIRED !




Featured Fishing Kayaks

Viking Kayaks – Espri Angler

The all new Viking Espri Angler for the kayak fishing enthusiast

Comes standard with:
6 x flush mounted rod holders
3 x storage hatches
Starport base (to fit a safety flag)
Center hatch pot (for your lunch/hooks/softbaits etc.)
Deluxe Seat
Deluxe 2-piece composite paddle
Same specs as the standard Espri but with all the extras added!
Only available in Yellow


Model Espri Angler Company Viking Kayaks
Length 3.6 m Capacity 180 kg
Width 80 cm Material Polyethylene
Weight Unknown Website
Price $1149 RRP


Featured Fishing Kayaks

Ocean Kayak – Scrambler 11

Ultimate Family Sit-on-top Single

The latest addition to our range. The hugely versatile Scrambler 11 is probably the ultimate family sit-on-top (single). Packed with features like solid lifting handles, provision for an oval storage hatch, storage bucket hatch to name a few. The perfect choice for the paddler who wants to surf a little, fish a little or just cruise around.



Model Scrambler 11 Company Ocean Kayak
Length 3.6 m Capacity 150 kg
Width 75 cm Material Polyethylene
Weight 23 kg Website


  • 4 x Solid lifting handles (either end and both sides)
  • Provision for an rubber oval hatch for below deck storage
  • Paddle holder x 2
  • Skid Plate/wear strip
  • Large tank-well
  • Rod holders x 2