A big thank you from a couple of Aussies - Coro Gold Rush

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Mon Oct 15, 2012 6:24 pm

Firstly I’d like to start off by saying thanks to Justin Orton, Orton Events, for the invite for both myself and Jools to attend the Coromandel Gold Rush last weekend. A big thanks also goes out to Ocean Kayak for kitting us both out with a couple of Prowler 4.3’s complete with fish finders :)

We arrived at Auckland Airport around 1030pm on the Thursday night and after a few short hours of sleep grabbed a motorhome the next morning for the trip over to Coromandel. We were both pretty excited. For me…I was heading back to the Coromandel after having a great time up there in June and for Jools…it was her first trip to NZ and she was keen to see what I had been banging on about for the past few months. We were also looking forward to catching up with another Aussie friend, Arpie, who was already over there hooking into the Snapper.

I pretty much had the motorhome ‘red lining’ all the way to Coro on Friday morning. We even had other motorhomes in front move over to let us pass on that windy road in from Thames. Jools was in ‘rally car navigator’ mode doing a great job with the NAVMAN GPS giving me a heads up as to what bends lay ahead…”hard right, sharp hairpin left…TREEEEEEEEE, etc”. Damn I love your windy roads over there!

Along the way we met up with a couple of yakkers, Grant & Kevin, at the Pak and Save in Thames. I was just casually grabbing supplies when all of a sudden I hear…“Bloody Aussies” :rofl: . I turn around and there were the two boys with big grins on their faces LOL. After a quick catch up we were all on our way to north to the Admiral Arms pub for the comp briefing.

Before the briefing we stopped in to say g’day to Rob Fort, Janet, Rowdy and Paul. We also loaded up the Ocean Kayak Prowler 4.3’s into the motorhome and luckily for us they fitted in perfectly through the back doors of the motorhome. I was looking forward to paddling the 4.3 as I have a 4.5 back over here in Oz and prefer the large centre hatch on the 4.3 compared to the small one on my 4.5. I was very happy with the 4.3’s performance as well. A new yak could be on the cards after Xmas 8)
Jam the yaks in
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Come Friday night it was great to meet many of you all again at the briefing for the comp. Both myself and Jools had an awesome time at the briefing and it was good to just kick back and chat over a few friendly beers. Another thing I love about NZ…Waikato Draught :beer:

Saturday morning saw us hit with 30kn+ winds so our plan to camp out up the top of the peninsula was thrown out the window and we decided to head over to Kennedy Bay area to fish with Justin and Arpie in a more protected area. It was pretty packed out at the launch spot and both myself and Jools took our time getting on the water, keeping an eye on the wind. From the shore the wind wasn’t that bad but once we got out there it picked up big time. We must have been hit with 40kn gusts at some stages. Jools has been out in 20kn+ winds before though this would be the first time she would face 30kn’s+. Our aim was to stay in close to the cliff faces and try to stay out of the wind. The drift chutes that OK lent us did a great job of slowing us down though I made the call to head back in. That’s when things got a little ‘hairy’ for us. We were a couple hundred meters out though we had to paddle across the wind, and the gusts, and a couple of times I thought Jools would be blown off her yak. It was a hard paddle for her and we ended up seeking refuge in a small bay not far from the launch spot. It was out of the wind and we decided to just wait it out.
After an hour a couple of other guys turned up to see how we were fairing. Matt and Glen, I think their names were for memory. Unfortunately one of them took a swim when the gusts knocked him off his yak. For memory he lost a rod and a tackle box :(
The wind had dropped down a little and the guys offered to flank Jools as she paddled back to the launch spot and provide assistance if required. Many thanks for that fellas. Once we got out of the bay and around the point the wind had dropped to 20kn and the paddle back to the launch spot went smoothly. Jools was glad to be back safe and sound at the motorhome. Now that we are back home I'll be taking her out in a small river the next time it blows 30kn so that she can get used to dealing with high winds and gain better handling of a yak in those conditions.
The launch site
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Jools before the wind hit
P1010783.JPG (246.64 KiB) Viewed 1397 times
Seeking refuge from the wind
P1010788.JPG (203.11 KiB) Viewed 1397 times

The next morning we decided to fish from Oamaru Bay which was pretty sheltered. The winds were nothing like they were the day before. We headed out to the mussel farms though we didn’t fare so well fish wise.
The mussel farm
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Once again we had a great time at the final closing presentation and congrats goes out to Rob fort with his 1st place winning 10kg Snapper. Thanks again to Justin for organising this event.
From Monday onwards we spent the next few days touring around the Coro Peninsula before flying back home to Oz.

Even though we had travelled all the way across the Tasman to chase those ‘Big Snaps’ we still enjoyed our time over there catching up with everyone. Not all trips turn out perfect and you have to expect the weather to turn sour at least once out of every ten trips...hopefully it means that the next nine trips will be perfect :angel:

All going well we’ll be aiming to come back over for the Taranaki Kayak Fishing Classic 2013.
Buj & Jools
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Mon Oct 15, 2012 6:47 pm

Nice Buj, Great to see you guys from across the ditch coming over for these events.
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Mon Oct 15, 2012 6:54 pm

Great T/R and pics Buj, awesome effort mate to come over here and really hope you guys make it back for the naki classic :clap:
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Mon Oct 15, 2012 7:03 pm

Thanks for the TR. Shame the big Snapper were all following Rob around. Be good to see you at the Naki comp as Wondaboy has been feeding his big Snappers and he might share one or two with you.
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Mon Oct 15, 2012 7:39 pm

Great TR guys!!
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Mon Oct 15, 2012 8:04 pm

Awesome Buj great to catch up with you once again and meet Jools.
Thanks for coming over and look forward to catching up at the Naki or hopefully over your way also.
nzimp wrote: Shame the big Snapper were all following Rob around.
Those snapper weren't fllowing me and more the other way round with me following them. :D
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Mon Oct 15, 2012 8:10 pm

Nice to see you here again Buj, pity the weather didn't play ball but great to see you coming back for themighty 'naki classic. :y:
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Mon Oct 15, 2012 8:20 pm

Well done guys, great to meet you and hopefully we'll see you over here again soon !!
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Mon Oct 15, 2012 8:51 pm

well done to you
great to see you over here , :y:

cool tr
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Mon Oct 15, 2012 9:02 pm

Great TR. Great photos. Great people.
Thank you all for making the trip over and making the weekend something a little more that just 'a comp'.
Thats to Grant (Icky Fail) as well...... (he's the lesser known 4th Aussie) :lol:
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Mon Oct 15, 2012 9:11 pm

Good to catch up again Buj and meet Jools . :y:
Its a shame the weather was bollocks for you and the big ones were elusive but good to hear you still had a good time .

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Mon Oct 15, 2012 11:02 pm

Well what can I say but to echo Buj's words.Thanks to Justin for putting on this event and thanks also to Ocean Kayaks for the use of the prowler 4.3.
I really like the middle console feature with the sounder attachment. I need to get used to the rudder though as I have never used a rudder yak before.
As Buj said I will need more practice if I am even thinking of heading back over for the next event.
There are a lot of very tough ladies in the comp and I can see how fit they all are, so I have a long way to go to even get close.
It was great to meet alot of the new zealanders I have heard so much about. They really are a great bunch of people. Just too many
too mention although.....
Rowdy is such a funny fellow, his laugh is infectous and when he laughs it is a great big belly laugh and you know he is having a good time. :cool:

Arpie it was great to meet up with you again and it didnt take long for everyone to see how determined your aussie spirit is. You just wouldnt give in
and congrats on your John Dory.
You had me in stitches with your colourful language that would make anyone blush. :$
And it was good to share some quiet evenings talking about the days events.

Well done to all the winners and congrats to Rob Fort for coming in with that big snapper.

I would also like to thank Buj for giving me the opportunity to head over to new zealand for my first trip overseas. The sight of the lights of the city of Auckland as we came in
to land were amazing. It looked so beautiful and close you could almost reach out and touch it.
Although the weather wasnt all the best I had a great time, and when we dropped off the kayaks it was good to wind down and enjoy the beautiful countryside that new zealand has to offer.
Yep I tried to get in the drivers seat but I just prefer to be the spectator. And the views were spectacular. A lovely place to visit and some beautiful green mountainsides.
I must say I got a little giddy from all those windy roads, but in the end it was worth it to end up at some lovely places to fish. Although I didnt catch any fish and the
offshore experience was a little bit scary I admire the people who perservered in the conditions and caught some great size snapper.
I would also like to thank the two kind fellas who gave me a guided tour back to terra firma. Much appreciated.

At the end of our time we stopped off at a place called Ray's Rest and had a nice quiet bbq lunch and then headed off back to Auckland to drop the motorhome off.
I just couldnt resist taking some pics of the view outside the plane and coming into land and seeing the sights of Sydney.
I would like to return to NZ next year fingers crossed.

P2080546.jpg (153.54 KiB) Viewed 1188 times
P2090566.jpg (154.15 KiB) Viewed 1188 times
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Mon Oct 15, 2012 11:49 pm

Good On ya Buj and Jools :y: :y: :y:

Ya done KFDU proud . Excellent work


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Tue Oct 16, 2012 11:19 am

Thanks Jamie, We had a great time and Arpie was amazing too. She toughed it out and for never yakking offshore beforehand ' her own words ',
she told me she had never been offshore before, she did very well and I am proud of her efforts and her fun aussie spirit.

New Zealand is a great place to visit and the people are so friendly. Everyone welcomed us like 'mates' at the Admiral Arms gettogether.
It was a great atmosphere amongst all the yakkers.

For a few moments the other night with the Trans Tasman Rugby League Test on I was wondering okay Aussie or N Z, Aussie or N Z....
ha ha and that's after just one visit. But anyway I love watching the Haka. Whether it be League or Union.. :)
But I stayed with the green and gold..... :whew: :clap:

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Tue Oct 16, 2012 4:42 pm

Great tr and pics Buj and jools great to hear you guys came back to coro and had a good time again after having a good chat with Buj at the bridge to cape and hope to see you guys at the naki classic :y:....

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Wed Oct 17, 2012 5:33 pm

Hi Guys

Well, it's been 10 years since my last trip to NZ when Keith competed in the Triathlon World Champs in Queenstown and both Keith and his twin brother Fran arrived on Monday & they had their first competition in this year's Triathlon World Championships (the Aquathlon) today (Keith came 1st and Frank came 3rd), then the 'biggie' race is next Monday, 22nd Oct!!

Do you detect a pattern?? Triathlon Competition = my visit to NZ?? I tell you what - it won't be 10 years before I am back again!!!

A HUGE thumbs up to Justin Orton for putting on a terrific Yak Fishing Comp - it was awesome mixing it with the Kiwis on the water & also a special thanks to Ocean Kayaks for providing me with such a great yak! Coming from a pedal yak background, it was really interesting to see how I would go in the paddle yak & I think I did OK! Overall, I think I did OK!

It was terrific seeing Buj & Jools at the Coromandel Gold Rush - shame the weather was so rough - but all the more :clap: :clap: for Jools for going out & giving it a go!! In hindsight, that was an amazingly brave thing to do, given her offshore experience!!

After arriving in Auckland to freezing cold temperatures (I had to search thru my big bag for a warm top!) I headed to Tauranga as soon as I picked up the hire car and stayed with dedicated kayak fishos, Shelley and Stuart - as you are aware, both are mad keen yak fishos & I was keen to pick their brains in the lead up to me arriving in the Coromandel.

On the Wed, I had a great day out on the water with Rob Fort & Justin (in the lead up to the Coromandel Gold Rush), landing a nice John Dory (that Justin cooked up for me the next morning for breakfast!! YUM!) and also about 6 snapper to the mid 30cms. I was not really familiar with offshore yak fishing as I'd only tried once before & headed back, terribly seasick, after opening a bag of squid heads! Hence my resolve to only fish Soft Plastics from then on! With the weather being wet & windy, I had a real introduction to Kiwi Yak conditions!!

Not being really familiar with offshore paddle techniques, it seems that the drogue is one of the most important bits of gear for 'close in' fishing - with the drogue put at the rear of the yak to slow down the rate of drift, you cast ahead of the yak, as it drifts out to sea again. By then, the wind had really picked up & there was some dirty weather about to hit! Sure enough, it started raining, then pouring!! Retrieving the drogue to paddle back towards shore was really 'testing' as I was paddling into a strong head wind, with torrential rain! Not Pleasant at ALL! Ah well, once you are wet, you are wet!! Head down, tail up, I paddled back to shore, reset the drogue & continued fishing. Rob & Justin wanted to head back to shore for lunch, but I wasn't keen on that at all! I rarely stop for lunch when on my own, so stayed out whilst they ate, suggesting that they bring my lunch out to me!! This they did, thinking I was TOUGH!! The truth was, I really couldn't face the paddle back to shore, just to head out again after lunch!! I hooked my 'pb' snapper not long after.

Luckily, before leaving Aussie, I'd made sure that I had really warm, weatherproof gear to wear, including 'neofleece' tights under my waterproof trousers & also a neoprene long sleeve top under my fishing shirt & waterproof top!! I'd have frozen out there with out that gear on! That day, I also had another waterproof top on, on top of all that, and my 'wonderscarf' really made all the difference with 'comfort' being out on that wet & wild water! My forearms were burning - all my paddle practise at home had not prepared me AT ALL for the ordeal that I had just been thru!!

I rested up on the Thursday, knowing that I was competing in the Invitational on the Fri & of course, the Coromandel Gold Rush on the Sat & Sun! I headed over to the ANglers Lodge on the Thurs afternoon, to meet up with Shelley & Stuart again, as they were loaning me a yak to fish the Fri with ....... and the forecast for the Fri was as bad as the Wed had been! Damn!! Ah well, lots of people would be out there, so I felt safe heading out. This was really only my 2nd offshore fishing expedition & I was ever hopeful of a good outcome!! Many thanks for the use of your Yak, Shelley - it is a little beautie!!

Once again, with the windy conditions, there was a convoy heading over to Tuateawa again. Most of the competitors still use bait & I was still determined to only use SPs ........... and pretty quickly, I got into my first snapper of the day - a pan sized one of about 30cm. I put him back. The wind was blowing & it was hard work pulling in the drogue & heading back to shore, to start the drift thing all over again ....... and again & again ........ Then I got a Kawahai (Aussie Salmon) and kept him, as I knew that someone would use him as bait!

I thought I'd 'troll' a lipless crank lure back towards shore before setting the drogue out again ....... and as I turned to bring the lure in, I realised that it must have snagged on something & I was just about to be spooled!! Only about 2 turns of the backing was showing on the reel!! I nearly panicked! OMG!! I've 'lost' my line!!! Grabbing the reel, I started winding & slowly regained all the mono & then (thankfully) the braid started filling the spool again ...... until I reached 'the snag' ......... a quick tug & it was released as well ........ so I sped up the retrieve to get the lure back & blow me down if a fish doesn't jump onto the lure that was being retrieved at speed! A few good head nods along the way & Yeeehaaa! I had a nice 53cm snapper on board!! YAY!!! Another PB!! Hmmm, I thought!! I'll try that retrieve again! So I upped the drogue & fought the wind to get back into the shallows .........and started drifting out again .......... and his cousin jumped on board on the next cast!! I was stoked that I'd caught quality fish on both my days on the water!! I was feeling more confident of the weekend's comp now!! It was still pretty windy, so I headed out again with a gulp & landed my last fish of the day, a nice 30cm (the other three fish going on to my fish stringer, to go back for 'weigh-in'!) Back on land, we heard that one of the competitors had taken a tumble in their yak but they were OK.

At least it didn't rain this time out ........ I was really happy with my time on the water - tho This time, my forearms were still sore, but now, my NECK muscles were also aching like hell - if I shrugged my shoulders, I was wincing in pain!! Ah well, I hadn't 'given in' - I'd really pushed myself in some really unfamiliar & at sometimes, uncomfortable conditions. If I'd been there on my own, I probably wouldn't have put in, but with all those experienced fishos out there, I felt fine about going out.

What a difference 24hrs can make!! I headed back to the holiday shack, where I was staying with Justin & his family - to prepare for the big comp that was starting the next day!!

SATURDAY ....... Once again, the weather was really blowing & once again, the conga line headed over to Tuateawa. My offshore fishing experience (all 2 days of it ......) was about to be tested to the MAX!!! The wind was blowing a gale & very soon, torrential rain started as well. First fish on board was a rock cod, which I took a pic of & chucked back, then minutes later, I hooked a bigger one, so just chucked it back!! Minutes later, I was thinking, hang on, that was a bit different from the Rock Cod ......... I had just chucked back one of the best eating fish in the NZ sea .......... a Blue Cod!! DUH!!!!

Once again, I was really pleased that I had planned well for the wind & the rain! Pulling the drogue in was a real art in itself ....... if you did it wrong, there was a good chance of capsizing - so I was being very careful indeed!! LOL, comparing my 'shopping bag' drogue on my little Hobie Sport compared to these SERIOUS offshore drogues - what a pathetic little bit of cloth it is!! Heading back into the wind, to reset the drogue was particularly hard - I was leaning into the wind at 45 degrees, head down & not even looking where I was going, as you'd just get a faceful of sleeting rain - and once in 'close enough' set the drogue & do the drift again ........ sometimes, when comparing myself to the headland, I was even going BACKWARDS even tho I was paddling forwards - the wind & rain was just SO strong! I was getting no hits & apart from being very sore & sorry for myself, I was now wondering why the hell I was out there at all!! I was NOT enjoying myself much at all, but I still WANTED to catch something for the day, even tho I was absolutely drenched!!

I was still trying to get back to the spot where I'd caught the fish on the lipless crank the day before, but was beaten back by the wind & rain - and was having no joy tossing it other areas! I forced myself back towards the shore, to set the drift again. Then, I'd noticed a few cray pot floats & thought I'd allow the yak to drift between the 2 pots that were furtherest apart ........ I was casting a 7" Gulp shad in Nuclear Chicken out ahead of myself & started retrieving. Right now, almost horizontal rain & wind was belting onto my back and I was feeling quite dejected ..... and put a call over the radio that the weather now was officially worse than it had been the Wed before ........ then....... just as I drew level with the floats, my Shimano Starlostix rod & Daiwa Certate 2500 reel buckled over & 12lb braid started peeling from the spool!! Bzzzzzzzz ....... BZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ.....bzzzzzzzz I managed to retrieve a couple of winds of the spool & it took off again! This was a SERIOUS fish & nowhere near the size of any of my previous fish landed so far!! I was ecstatic!! The rod was bent in half as the fish powered towards the bottom!! I recalled Rob's words from the other day - let it run if it wants to run - enjoy the moment - don't bring it up too fast .......... but I was in much shallower water than previously & there was also some foul ground below me ............ and as I was 'enjoying the moment' ............. the line went 'ping' and the fish was gone!! I could have spewed!!! NOOOOOOOO! The air was blue with foul language as well as the foul weather. The guy next to me (Peter from Taranaki) commiserated me on my loss - he had just 'fought' the fish of a lifetime, only to find out that it was a stingray! So he knew well, how I felt!

I continued fishing for another hour or so, but my heart wasn't really in it - I was cold, wet & hurting - I'd given it my all & came up lacking fish! This was not what I had anticipated happening!

Heading back to shore, I found that many of the yakkers had already called it a day - I was really proud of myself that I had stuck out the really abysmal weather conditions & still at least hooked a fish even if I hadn't landed it ...... I was not alone not bringing in fish - but I was still disappointed with my own performance, losing my big fish! Why hadn't I used the 30lb braid rod??

Back on land, we heard that a fellow competitor had got into difficulties & capsized, losing a rod & tackle, but they were OK apart from a bruised ego. The rumour went out that it was an Aussie, but luckily for us, it wasn't!

Justin, in the meantime, had caught his first snapper & kawahai on Soft Plastics and was really stoked - I had given him a packet of Gulp pink minnows & had given him a quick lesson on how to use them & all his fish of the day had been caught on them! So he was SO happy! I was really pleased for him. I think that he may almost be swayed away from bait now, too, as he caught nothing on bait that day!!! His Kawahai was to eventually take out 2nd place in the comp! I was SO stuffed, I didn't even make it to the 'weigh in' that evening - I just needed some rest, to get ready for the next day's fishing!! I'd been up at 5am and fished for 3 days out of 4 at this point in time & it was beginning to take its toll on me - and the crap weather didn't help either!

Given that that one spot had been hammered over the previous days by up to 50 kayakkers at a time - I was amazed at the size of some of the fish that had been caught out there in those terrible conditions!! The Sunday wasn't supposed to be anywhere near as bad as the Sat weather - so I went to bed, ever hopeful of a pleasant outing for the final day of the comp & of course, landing good fish! IN MY DREAMS!!

SUNDAY......The next morning loomed & it wasn't too bad - I would have liked to return to Tuateawa again (I thought I really had a good handle on it now, after 3 days of fishing it .......) but Justin wasn't able to transport my yak as he was preparing for the final day's 'weigh in' and prize giving ........... It was too late to head to Tuateawa, so eventually I put in at Omaru Bay. There were some mussel farms just beyond the Island ......... and 2 of Justin's helpers (Aaron & Dave) were keen to go to the furtherest ones to burley up & fish ..... and in hindsight, I should have followed them (for more than one reason, as it eventuated ........) but in my mind, to avoid the big paddle, I headed to the closer ones and tied up at one end. Now ...... fishing Mussel farms is actually totally different to fishing oyster leases ........ I found out .......... apart from anything else, there was MUCH more current & swell than I was used to - and my yak was pushed around to the other side of the buoy & I had difficulty pulling myself back around to release myself. In the mean time, the dangling lure on my rod got caught up in some growth on the buoy & I thought the tip was going to break off!! I had to release line but couldn't reach the lure to release it. I had to unclip the paddle to untangle the various leashes that had twisted over themselves & just minutes later, I realised that my paddle was now almost 'off' the yak up the front, just being held on by the bit of bungee that I had had the presence of mind to slip the front paddle under, prior to undoing the leash! OMG!! If that falls into the water (the leash was already in the water) then I am in DEEP DO-DO!! Oh Darn!! I should have stayed with the boys!! Sliding up to the front of the yak to retrieve the paddle, I knocked my Starlostix rod into the drink! Thank GOD it was tied on still (and still attached to the buoy by the lure!!) I retrieved the paddle but it was now twisted in the bungee & I still couldn't pull the paddle thru! Inching myself up closer still, hoping that the yak wouldn't capsize - I managed to undo the paddle twist & immediately clipped the leash back onto the yak! PHEW!! One problem sorted!! I pulled the rod back out of the drink & finally managed to pull the yak back around the buoy so that I could retrieve both the lure and the rope & untied myself, so I was drifting again! I chucked some SPs up between the rows of mussels - with no hits & I now realised that I made a BIG mistake in not following the boys to the other Mussel Farm! They were bait fishing & if I'd gone with them I would have been fishing their berley trail & most likely getting into some good fish! AND, in reality - they weren't THAT much further away from me!!

Ah well - them's the breaks!! I headed back to shore with the boys & once again the wind had come up, causing lots of waves & I was almost 'surfing' some of them back! Funnily enough, I felt more 'uncomfortable' in the 10 min paddle back to base than I had in the previous 3 days of tough fishing!!! I made sure that I had one of the boys on both sides of me, for safety!

Heading off to the weigh in - I was amazed at the quantities of fish being weighed in. Some Awesome snapper, john dory, trevally, kawahai and the lone kingfish!! My buddy from the first day, Rob Fort had brought in the only kingie of the tournament and also won Biggest Snapper, with a superb 10.4kg beast being weighed in!!! Go ROB!!! He had had a massive day on the water - paddling 30kms in difficult conditions to get both fish!

It was great putting faces to names from the Forum - Buj, Jools & I were made to be felt very welcome amongst all the yak fishos & we had lots of laughs with our Kiwi buddies! If you ever head over to Aussie, make sure you contact us & we should be able to put you onto some fish - both offshore and inshore!

I have a stack of photos of some of the good fish that were weighed in & hope to add them next week.

I am really looking forward to getting back to NZ (possibly in March next year for the Taranaki yak snapper Comp) as I really do think I have unfinished business to attend to!!!

In the mean time .......... I keep replaying that big fish & in my mind's eye, if only I had 'given it a bit more stick' earlier on, instead of 'enjoying the moment' ......... there may have just been a different outcome!! A Huge congratulations to the biggest Lady's snapper caught by Aileen - a terrific 6kg snapper!! She is a tiny lady - and obviously a big heart & a VERY BIG paddler!! Shame the Kingie busted off, Ails! Terrific meeting up with you!

Take care, thanks for reading & I'll put up the pics (hopefully) soon


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Mon Oct 22, 2012 12:52 pm

Hi Aussies and thanks a mill for your trip reports. I got to meet you Roberta (I'm Kieran), but unfortunately just heard about you two Buj and Jools. Its just awesome that you guys have got enough get up and go to join us in the sport that we love.

Pity the weather was so shite, but in the end that could make it more memorable.

Big ticks to Orty, Rob, Shelley and co who were so hospitable to you as well.

Hope to catch up with you again.

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Tue Oct 23, 2012 11:47 am

Tara Yakka wrote:Great TR. Great photos. Great people.
Thank you all for making the trip over and making the weekend something a little more that just 'a comp'.
Thats to Grant (Icky Fail) as well...... (he's the lesser known 4th Aussie) :lol:
It was great to get the chance to head over to NZ and Im hoping to again soon.
We mustnt forget Grant. It was good to catch up with him and I m sure we will meet up again.

arpie wrote:Hi Guys
It was terrific seeing Buj & Jools at the Coromandel Gold Rush - shame the weather was so rough - but all the more :clap: :clap: for Jools for going out & giving it a go!! In hindsight, that was an amazingly brave thing to do, given her offshore experience!!

It was great putting faces to names from the Forum - Buj, Jools & I were made to be felt very welcome amongst all the yak fishos & we had lots of laughs with our Kiwi buddies! If you ever head over to Aussie, make sure you contact us & we should be able to put you onto some fish - both offshore and inshore!

I am really looking forward to getting back to NZ (possibly in March next year for the Taranaki yak snapper Comp) as I really do think I have unfinished business to attend to!!!



Thanks Arpie for a great read and well done to Keith and Fran, I just heard that Keiths world champ after winning yesterday and followed not far behind by Fran.
Great achievement to both fellas.

Thanks for the vote of confidence too... I wouldnt have put it as nicely as you though. Ha Ha I was thinking the opposite. :doh:
And wouldnt it be good to have some kiwi buddies over and have a day or two out fishing and yakking.

Buj and I went out yakking over the weekend down at our local waters and I got into some more yak training. Pretty pleased with the outcome and even got some fish too.
Nice little flatties not legal but had a good time.
I may see myself over for the Naki classic but at this stage cant see myself over for Bridge to Cape in June, thats just too far ahead at the moment and unfortunately I ll have
no idea where I will be so I cant even think about two weeks in NZ as much as Id love to..

fritter wrote:Hi Aussies and thanks a mill for your trip reports. I got to meet you Roberta (I'm Kieran), but unfortunately just heard about you two Buj and Jools. Its just awesome that you guys have got enough get up and go to join us in the sport that we love.

Pity the weather was so shite, but in the end that could make it more memorable.

Big ticks to Orty, Rob, Shelley and co who were so hospitable to you as well.

Hope to catch up with you again.
Hi Fritter
We really enjoyed our time over in NZ. Its Buj and Arpie who enjoy the limelight ;) ..... And well so too, they know their fishing and have been fishing and yakking longer than me.
Im the quiet shy one in the background just happy to watch activity around and learn.
Never mind about the weather.. thats mother nature for you. Can you believe it but last week we had 30 deg temps and now the last two days weve been shivering on 19 degrees.
Geez bring on summer. I thought our winter was over.

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She believed she could, So she did.

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Tue Oct 23, 2012 12:28 pm

Some epic TR's there! Great reading, thanks :y:
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Thu Nov 01, 2012 9:25 am

Nice to meet you guys as you left our country and I am glad you had a good time.Make sure you give us a heads up before you come back so we can look after you.
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