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Uncle Mole
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Sat May 02, 2020 9:45 am

After lockdown I like many was itching to get out on the water and after an abortive attempt earlier in the week (the wind got up a bit) I headed out on Friday morning. I launched from my favourite spot by Tamaki Yacht club and given the low tide headed out to Bean Rock, hoping to drift with the incoming tide back towards the city, it was unfortunate therefore that the tidal currents had other plans and rather than drifting towards the city as I planned I drifting in the other direction. I need to do some research into tidal currents!

Nevertheless I mooched around and had my first bite in 10m of water just off Bean Rock using my trusty slider. A beautifully coloured snapper popped to the surface measuring 30cm. I was hoping for better so with the nod to the fishing gods back it went. I spent a bit of time paddling into deeper water 20m or so before drifting back towards the 10m mark and I caught a number of undersized snapper, but eventually a nice 40cm one arrived that I had first in the bin.

I decided that if the current wasn’t going to take me to the city then I would have to put the effort in myself and paddled towards buoy N17 stopping a number of times mid channel and then drifting back towards the channel edge. I caught a few fish on each drift but all were undersized.

I was now a few 100m off buoy N18 and paddled towards N17 stopping where the channel was the deepest, with very little ferry or other boat traffic it seemed safe enough. Within the first cast into 31m of water I was rewarded with a nice fighting fish and I pulled from the depth a 42cm snapper, this was followed almost immediately with another of a similar size. A short time later I had brought in a 32cm Gurnard and had a good tussle with a 44cm Snapper which also went in the Chillpod. It went quite for a few minutes, by this time I had drifted towards the city and was in 25m of water, so I paddled back into mid channel and decided to drop a micro jig as well and leave it hanging as I focused on the slider. It was constant fishing action I don’t think I have had anything like it in quite a while, and I brought in and kept a 37cm and 42cm Snapper and a nice Gurnard.

Although the channel was pretty quiet, I noticed a container ship was on its way so I decided with enough in the bin to keep the family happy I would head home. I started to reel in the slider and just as I did my other rod with the micro jig bent over line started screaming off the reel in an awkward direction behind me. Grabbing the rod I performed some rod gymnastics and started to crank the handle, whatever I had caught had turned the kayak 180 degrees. I honestly could not work it out, it didn’t feel like a snapper at all, it was too powerful to be a Gurnard or JD and I doubted it was a King Fish. I kept on winding and line kept peeling off the reel I wasn’t sure who was winning, but eventually and much to my surprise a 49cm snapper came to the surface.

This was the first time that I have ever caught my limit and was pretty pleased with myself. I dispatched the fish and turned to put it in the Chillpod behind me but clearly this wily fish was just playing dead because it gave a flick of its tail and slipped out of my grasp back into the drink. I was too shocked to swear but all was not lost because although the fish was still alive it was in a bad way and couldn’t swim away and remained on the surface. Slightly panicking I paddled towards it, grabbed my net and promptly rode over the thing with the kayak. Back paddling I was able get back to the fish into the net before it recovered and this time, I made sure that it was dead.

I returned home with my best catch ever, a great morning on the water and my mind and body restored.

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Sun May 03, 2020 3:12 pm

Well done and a nice report. A snappers nerves can keep them twitching for quite a while - even if dead...

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Mon May 04, 2020 9:01 am

Nice haul!

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Sat May 09, 2020 4:35 pm

Sweet Work!

Luke 1
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Sun May 10, 2020 1:03 pm

That's a mighty fine haul, well done sir. Gotta be stoked with that :beer:

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