Riverhead Tavern Adventure - from Island Bay Road

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Tue Jan 29, 2019 4:52 pm

Not too much fishing in this one, but will be of interest to those who might want to have a day off fishing!! There are fish mentioned though!!

Friday 25th Jan took the day off for a bit of a mission to Riverhead. Wanted to check out the Island Bay Road boatramp so launched from there. Realised a couple of km's up the harbour that it was probably going to be a long day and should have launched from Herald Island but kept on heading up anyways. I had till 1130 before the tide turned so had to paddle most of the way after launching just after 930 to stay with the current.

Tied up to the jetty just after 1130, a nice long paddle of 10.7kms!! Had a very tasty lunch, chicken burger with cheese, pineapple, bacon and avocado - curly fries and a tasty beverage to wash it all down.

The trip back was a game of two halves. The first - the gentle paddle with tide and not much wind half was great. Came across a group of surfcasters at the end of Riverlea Road near a little inlet called Rarawara Creek. They told me they were getting some snapper, up to 50cm's. Great, so i put out a line with an orange slider look-alike that i got from the warehouse. It only took 20 seconds and the line started to peel away. I think i tightened the drag a bit too quick, and i knew my mainline to leader knot was not the best and it didn't take long for me to be reeling in nothing but line... I stayed around the spot for a bit and tried some more, but no more bites. I didn't want to sit for too long in the holiday traffic so headed back, putting out the line every now and then. When i turned to head south at Herald Island, that's when the fun began. The wind was still coming from the south, not the east as forecast. It was not too bad but just after Hobsonville and Beachhaven the waves picked up quite a bit as the wind was coming straight in from Avondale. I was really wishing i had launched from Herald Island!

All up a very enjoyable day, with close to 22kms covered. Island Bay Rd boatramp was a bit muddy and slippery by the time i got back, be okay for a going out tide launch, float around to Chelsea Sugar/Birkenhead/Harbour Bridge and then come back with the incoming tide.

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Wed Jan 30, 2019 7:22 pm

Sounds like a pretty interesting trip....I’ve been meaning to launch at Westpark or Herald Island and head up there for about the last 8 years but never quite made it ,
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