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Sun May 28, 2017 4:27 pm

Well, I've already had my bitch and moan about not getting out since early March, so it was time to get on the water.

Set the alarm for 3:30am, but slept in till 4:10. It was drizzling when I left the CBD, but both WindGuru and Swellmap said there wouldn't be too much wind, so I was okay with getting wet. Stopped off in Papakura to pick up the kayak and was down at Waitawa Park by 6:30 for a 7:00am launch. "Toastie, very toastie" is for my feet and overall temperature control. Earlier this week in Hamilton it was zero degrees, so I expected it to be pretty cold this morning and I was eager to try out my new Sharkskin socks, but as it turns out it was 16 degrees this morning and if anything I was too hot with the socks and a 3mm wetsuit on.

My FF battery had slowly given up the ghost on the last few trips and I have a 40AH LifePo4 battery lying around at home, so I decided to hook that up instead of buying another SLA. Unfortunately I used Crocodile clamps to connect the wires to the battery and one of these clamps touched two terminals of the battery at the same time (this battery has 8 terminals, 2 for each cell) and sparks went flying!! Burnt the clamp off the wire with lots of sparks and smoke inside the hull of the kayak... DON'T want that to happen out on the water, so off I went without a fishfinder!

With all the recent talk of lures and stuff on here, I found an old Rapala XRAP XR08 (freshwater) lure in the garage which I'd never used and while those thin hooks would probably not handle too big a fish, I thought I'd give it a go in the salt water and just replace the hooks when required. Well, in a stretch of water which I troll all the time on the way to my spot-X and have never caught anything, I caught 3 pretty small kahawai in no time at all. Doubt I'm going to catch anything bigger on that small lure, but hey... next time I can't catch any livies I now have a plan!

Been dying to try my new Pflueger President reel. While it's a cheapy, it's got some really good reviews online and while one trip is not enough to have an opinion, the first impression is pretty good. Can't feel the reel in your hand it's so light and it performed really well, landing me 2 x 50cm, 1 x 40 and 1x34cm snapper. I caught one other 46cm snapper on my other rod. The second rod has 80lb leader on, so I don't expect to catch much with it while softbaiting, but I do like to have a heavier rod around for trolling and in case I run into a workup.

Very happy with that result for my first trip in a while and hopefully now will get out a bit more often!

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Sun May 28, 2017 5:15 pm

Nice looking feed FOM.
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Sun May 28, 2017 5:18 pm

Good work FoM. Glad to see you're back.

Nothing wrong with a bitch and moan. I do it all the time :lol:
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