The Boys Are Back In Town - Matai Bay 10th Feb 2017

Go on then, tell us your stories...
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Well about 6 years ago, a few of us made a trip to Matai Bay that ended up being memorable for mostly the wrong reasons.... wind, rain and huge seas that could have ended up a lot worse than it did, although a few fish were caught !
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Whilst a couple of us had been back individually, it had often been thought that a redeemption trip was needed, so the call was made to co-ordinate this trip with a group of us here on the Forum that try and make 1-2 trips away each year.... in the past we've been to White Island, Aldermans, Cuvier, Gt Barrier, The Mokes, Teal Bay etc etc.

So on Friday, Peace, Pope, Kingfish Killer, Waikato Yakka, Technical, Mental and I arrived in Doubtless Bay with plans to have a quiet afternoon fish. Unfortunately the wind and sea was up so we just chilled, sorted some gear, had a couple of drinks followed by dinner of "Bangers & Mash" cooked by KK and Waikato Yakka.

Sat morning we were all up bright and early and with Peace heading to Rangiputa the rest of the crew headed to Matai. After a quick set up we hit the water and headed out to the middle of the bay to jig for Kingies. On the way out Pope managed to snag a 10+lb snap. Unfortunately the Kingies didn't want to play with only a few rats landed. I did managed to hook into something that was much bigger than a rat, and after a short tussle and loosing line it managed to break me off. :@ :@ However I did jig up a decent snapper on a 200g Kingie jig ! :rock: :rock:

Meanwhile Tech had headed across the bay and was having a close encounter with a rather large shark !... Waikato Yakka ended up with a pet Blue Shark following him around trying to chew on his drogue.... well, we all thought it was funny ! :lol: :lol:

Eventually we all ended up across the bay and I ended up under the cliffs near the point where I got smoked and broken off again this time on a big Shimano butterfly jig. :headbang:

I did end up with a nice 11lb snap and a few northland pannies for my troubles ! The rest of the crew managed a few fish of varying sizes and species.
The forecasted wind change arrived a lot earlier and caught us out a bit and what followed was about an 1-1/2 slog into a very strong headwind and an outgoing tide. I really struggled and ultimately got to the beach about 1/2 hour behind everyone else and was absolutely shattered.

Back to the digs for a tidy up, a few cups of tea, followed by Tech & Mental cooking us home made burgers and oven fried chips. We then settled in to watch the awesome moon rise with a few of the guys enjoying a couple of cigars !

Following a cooked brekkie by yours truely, ably assisted by Pope we all hit the road for the long drive home.
Once again a great trip with a good bunch of guys and hopefully a few demons exorcised!
I'm already thinking about what we'll do next time !
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Nice TR, sounds like you all had a great trip thanks for sharing . :y:

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Nice. Sounds like a great weekend. Thanks for sharing. :)

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Good work Hainesy and team, sounds like fun.
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For me, while fishing was a challenge it was a great weekend.
I don't get the opportunity very often so my goal was to Jig from a kayak and catch a Kingfish.
Following KK's lead and watching and awesome sunrise on the way out I was soon put onto the fish.
4 Rat kings on the Jig and one (sorry about the eyeball :sweat: ) on softbait.
Soon decided that no big Kings were to be landed so put the Jig set aside and targeted snapper only to get hassled but a 2 metre blue shark (also a first).
Not sure what it is but yeah, I seem to be a bit of a taxman magnet.
It circled for about 20 minutes occasionally chewing on my rudder and drogue.
I chose to move away and it followed me for about 1km giving the rudder an occasional nudge.
Stopping again next to my mates and feeling reasonable comfortable to do so I dropped a ledger rig in front of it, leader still on the spool and almost immediately hooked up only to have it sit still almost laughing at me...... quite entertaining by this stage but it soon chewed the hook off and left me alone.

I got my biggest Grandaddy Hapuka, and of good enough size to keep the fillets, my first Pink Maomao a couple of small snapper and not much else.
A long drive for one day's fishing but looking forward to next time :rock: :rock: :rock:
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