Family trip to Papa Aroha

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So I haven't posted on here in a while, been busy with work and family.

Waikatoyakka's princess doesn't do camping, fishing or windy roads but somehow was convinced to stay in a cabin at Papa Aroha for a few nights, drink wine on the beach and watch me try to teach a 3 year (+2 days) old how to fish from a kayak.
We arrived at Papa Aroha totally kitted out with loads of beer, Rum, Wine, kids toys and of course Kayak and fishing gear to find 15-20Kn winds, some good surf and chop so nearly a box of Heineken later called it a night.
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Next day, after very little sleep woke to yet another windy day but the 3 year old was as keen as me to get out on the kayak.
I've taken him out just once before on a very calm lake. He love it but gets very bossy.
Expecting the same, I left the carbon fibre paddle behind and used a 2 piece fibreglass paddle, left fishing gear behind and waited until the wind settled to about 8Kn. Intending to launch in the creek and work our way out pending confidence I rolled toward the beach with 3 yo sitting in the kayak, he insisted he wanted to go "out there" (from the beach) so I followed orders and had a successful surf launch. Got a big growling for splashing him and told "you're not my best friend" he then took the paddle from me and had a go for himself, digging deep and almost capsizing the kayak I gave him a few pointers, he disagreed so we had to settle with half a paddle each :lol:
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It got pretty snotty out there and he wasn't prepared to call it a day so we paddled into the creek and up and down there for a while. I saw a number of small Trevally, maybe about 15cm in size.
Tempting to get a sabiki rig and give him his chance at a first fish but he was more interested in trying to bash them with the paddle. :tmi:

After a while back out to sea and a pretty hairy surf entry, not too big but it was choppy.

Mid afternoon, the wind dropped and sea calmed.
Both boys were napping and wifey said I had an hour to go get dinner.
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I paddled straight out and about 300m offshore, out with the drogue (strong outgoing tide) and started my drift.
3rd cast landed a 30cm snapper. Not expecting too much and on a time budget it was quickly Iki'd and in the chill pod.
Then along came a plonker dragging a scallop dredge right across my drift line :headbang: :headbang: :headbang: no point letting it bother me at this time of year, I just let him circle me for 15 minutes hoping he would stir up some excitement from the snapper though that didn't work.

20 minutes later, a fish every cast, 25cm, 40cm, 28cm, 47cm, 22cm, 26cm. Okay lots of juvenile fish so time to pull the pin. Quite rapt with 3 keepers to bring home though.
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Weather was awesome apart from the wind, unfortunately the 3 year old had to settle for a small snapper from the wharf in Coromandel but he had a blast on the kayak anyhow. Drank way too much but the first of many family trips worked out okay ........... and next week is time for some serious fishing :rock: :rock:
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Such a cool story :D What great memories for all involved!

I had a similar adventure with my little man 2 years ago
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