Army bay 2nd and 4th Dec

Go on then, tell us your stories...
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So I gave Army bay go on Friday and heaps more happening than Browns bay. I paddle out to look for life on the sand, while picking up some macks on the way. There seem to be life everywhere on the sounder, so I anchor in about 10m of water. Heaps of schooling snapper around, my bait was lasting 10 seconds in the water and anything I caught was being followed up by small kingfish. All of sudden my line went off on my sabiki rod, whatever I had caught was pulling line. I manage to fight it to the surface and it was a very nice trev, but not having a net I manage to break the line while pulling it into the kayak ;( I then fouled hooked a small kingie that manage to cut off my burley bag. And also pick up what looked to be a small shark.
After that I was running low on bait so paddled around looking for some more mackies, only to drop nearly every one I caught. Once I got a couple I drifted around with a bait out the back and softbait out the side. I manage to pick up a legal snapper and another shark, so decided to call it quits.

At a last minute I decided to head out on Sunday as well, with the weather looking good there was no reason not to, well painting the bathroom was a good reason, but I chose to ignore that. Like everyone else it was a slow days fishing. Could have been the amount of traffic on the water, didn’t help that there were a bunch of idiots on jetski. At one point they were coming right at me and didn’t turn till the last minute. Anyways another good day on the water and I didn’t get burnt which is always a good thing. Next time I might try a mid week evening fish, just need to get my all round light sort. Just need some ideas where to mount one on my GT.
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Take a photo of the jetski guys next time, give it to the harbour master!!
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