Hainesy's Back.... !

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Today marked the first real fishing expedition in over 6 months .... Hatched a plan with Peace & Kingfish Killer to head up to Sullivan's Bay for an early start this morning... I arrived just before 6am ( gates don't open til then) after a trip in heavy rain and fog ! Certainly not nice...!... Peace & KK arrived a few minutes later, and with the rain coming down we sat in the back of Peaces Transit until the rain stopped and it was light enough to see. Once we hit the water KK headed to the right hand end of Saddle and Peace and I stayed fairly close, then fished the hole and then I headed to the left hand end of Saddle with Peace not far behind. Fair to say the conditions weren't nice, with the easterly up and wind against tide. During the first couple of hours I managed about 5 fish (including a small JD) that all went back though a couple were probably around 35 ish.... After persevering in some gnarly conditions we started to head back in, but as we we off Diary Bay we hit a few fish on the outgoing tide. I ended up keeping 4 X Snaps with the biggest a very respectable 60cm and weight over 4kg.... So ended up going home a pretty happy chappy even if the wrist was pretty sore !
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Well done Steve got be be happy with that chap :y:

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good to blow the cobwebs off with a paddle especially in that wind and the added bonus of fresh fish after a very hard days fishing is very welcome thanks KK and Hainesy for the company
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Nice catch Hainesy, I thought the weather no good so stayed at home.
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Shot bud! Solid fishes :rock:
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Good result Hainsey :y: I must say when you radioed up and said you were heading in I thought I better haul arse back since I was out behind Saddle . Imagine my surprise when I got back and you guys were still out fishing . I thought you must of got onto some fish .
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It was a great morning for me as well. I hit the water at about the same time as you guys. Didn't bring anything back but threw back 5 small ones.

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nice fish there buddy
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Well done that man, good to see you getting back on the water 8)
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