Kai Iwi, Whanganui Sat 1 Oct 2016

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Thanks to last weekends posting of snapper being caught, tried my luck over high tide this morning. One good snapper and lots of kahawai at 8m depth, plus two extremely large baracouda that were intent on eating the line and anchor rope. Using pilchards. Locals suggest low tide is the best. Snapper very fat, with a stomach full of small shell fish. Kahawai doubling up on flasher rigs making it hard to get down to snapper
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Nice catch the secret is to paddle out to the north and there is a river just up the coast about a km and head straight off that to 13m depth. Can tag along one day if keen
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Good catch for a new spot bro! Hit Sradich up for a trip out, he slays some biguns!! :o
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