Chainsaws and Spiny Piranhas - Hawkes Bay Sept 24

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Hello everyone,

weather seems to have turned into winter again hasn't it?
Launched off the port at 8 am into perfect conditions,
Started off at the red buoy . a barracouta decided he was going to try and eat my hooks on the way up he wasn't small either well over a metre. the next few hours consisted of Spiny after spiny . Then a small kahawai he went down for probably a barracouta not much else would eat it or so i thought . 15mins into his swim mr kahawai got eaten and a metre long spiny had got the kahawai into his mouth whole!
Screen Shot 2016-09-24 at 3.20.02 PM.png
quite honestly i was so surprised when it popped up . i guess they really do eat anything! , i got bored very quickly of this so i moved another 300m out and found more of them :lol: After 15 of the buggers i packed up and paddled into some shallow reef. Finally no dogfish!! i Settled into undersize blue cod and kahawai
Water temp down to 12.9 degrees . No eating fish to be seen. The new rod has been christened with dogfish :drunk:

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Nice pics and TR
I've paddled for miles to escape the dogs, and still they came.
Hate them more than 'Cuda (Which at least fights well and makes a reasonable cut bait)
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Good on you for persevering, so glad those lil buggers don't make it this far up the coast!
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Awesome looking conditions and nice pics :y:
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