BBK fatty boom booms 24/9

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Flagged the trip norf and launched off the local this morning. Water was fairly clean and very light winds. Paddled out to spot C and dropped pick and berley. After about 30 minutes the berley kicked in and started hooking up some good snaps. Had a few in the back when something big hit the ledger and took off. Went on a blistering run straight around the anchor rope and then stopped dead. Pulled anchor and got line unwrapped but whatever was on the end of the ledger was now sitting on the bottom and wouldn't budge. Had to give up and cut line. Ray??. Dropped anchor again and finished off with a nice big snap that ran and ran with no head shakes, just about spooled my 4000. Packed up, pulled in berley pot and got a fright when a seven gill shark followed the pot up right to the suface.
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Wow nice feed there! :y:
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Awesome quality Naki fishing.
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Well done Greeny good haul
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That BBk taniwha is back. Nice haul mate, I got out there again myself today and got a nice feed but got plagued by kahawai for a while.
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Not a fan of Snaps, but some nice fillets in there :y:
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Well done. I live in bell block but never fished here.
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Nice fish mate :clap: ,hope those 7 gillers move out over summer ]:)
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Great catch! I don't miss fishing with bait.........Rays and Sharks :sweat:
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Thats a decent bagful right there :y:
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