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A quick TR following a three times postponed trip to 'Spot X' over the weekend with some of the Stealth brigade.
This time the weather Gods gave us a long awaited reprieve and sent us good weather which had us loaded up and on the road out of AKL by 6am on the Friday morning. By mid morning we were on the water together with stratospheric expectations of catching big fish at a stunningly beautiful location.

Weather conditions were pretty good despite an unexpected breeze coming in from the North East creating more than a bit of a ripple, but as the day wore on the wind died off and the water got increasingly calmer. By the end of the day everyone had got a solid feed with a few of the guys having binned out on some hearty sized pannies in the 40cm - 60cm range. There were also a number of bigger models caught upwards of 70cm including a 20lb ‘donkey’ which would have stolen a $700 rod and reel set if it wasn’t for the leash – the rod literally took off like a rocket off my lap whilst I was busy fiddling with a 2nd softbait set - all these bigger ones were released to fight another day.

Following early evening chilly filleting under the trees and a nice hot shower we all enjoyed a superb pasta dinner together and a protracted review of the days events only enhanced by much consumption of 'bullshit juice' aka booze. Laughter all round for many an hour……great comeraderie

The next morning saw us launch at a chilly 6am with the plan being to get as much fishing in before the onshore wind of up to 15 knots was set to roll in at around 9am...which proved true. Some livies were caught early and a longish paddle was made out to some tantalising looks pins but sadly the kings nor the big snapper were not 'at home'. So we all moved back in closer to the shore when the wind got up where the fishing proved just as good as the day before. But by 12 noon it really had got pretty gnarly and we found ourselves back at the beach under the warm sun filleting some great catches. Once again a number of big models were hooked with the majority going ‘back home’….sadly after a lot of effort to do the right thing one or two had to be despatched as they had ‘blown’.

The afternoon was spent filleting and packing up in preparation for departure early on the Sunday morning…no fishing was planned for the next day as the weather forecast was very poor combined with the fact that everyone had a good feed to take home. As it happened the weather forecast was far from accurate and we awoke to super calm conditions and glassy water…but by then everything was loaded up with yaks strapped down, so reluctantly we all departed back home by 8am.

A wonderful trip all round ------great fishing and a great bunch of buggers
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